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StyleKorean's 10 Step Skin Care Routine

StyleKorean's 10 Step Skin Care RoutineToday we'll be taking a step by step look at the renowned 10 step Korean skin care routine! This regimen has been the subject of a lot of talk as it seems to be extremely regimented...

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[Dr. Jart] V7 Toning Light - Review

[Dr.Jart] V7 Toning Light - ReviewDid you know the sun can stimulate the production of melanin (a pigment which gives skin, hair and eyes its color) which in turn can cause darkening of an area of skin - this is called h...

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[W.DRESSROOM] Dress & Living Perfume - Review

​[W.DRESSROOM] Dress & Living Perfume - ReviewI'm sure you've all experienced that magical moment when a scent has transported you to a place back in time, to a memory you thought you had long forgotten. But the mome...

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[NEOGEN] Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser - Review

[NEOGEN] Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser - ReviewIt's summer! - which means you finally get to lounge around at the beach with that ice cold drink in one hand, shades covering your eyes and a group of friends talking ab...

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Gradation Lips - Korean Trends

Gradation Lips - Korean TrendsSo last time we talked about straight eyebrows (CLICK HERE)​, a highly popular trend that provides a more youthful and natural look. So today we'll be discussing another fashionable Kor...

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Straight Brows - Korean Trends

Straight Brows - Korean Trends In the Americas (and other western countries) sharp, arched and well defined eyebrows are the epitome of beauty! And for the longest time, I too strived to achieve this look - I spent ...

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The Double Cleanse - Korean Trends

The Double CleanseCleansing is arguably one of the most important steps in your skin care routine - after all, the better you rid your skin of the myriad of pollutants it comes into contact with, the better it is able to...

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[Me Factory] Pig Collagen 3 Step Nose Pack - Review

[Me Factory] Pig Collagen 3 Step Nose Pack - Review ​Most of us have at some point at least tried (if not spent a small fortune on) nose strips to treat our black heads and other related problems. Then a Korean bran...

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[L'Affair] Honey Mask - Review

[L'Affair] Honey Mask - Review   Hi! Following yesterday's review on the W-Honey Beam Cushion, I'll be continuing the honey parade with L'Affair's Honey Mask.  The Unboxing​Given the rather affor...

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[W.Lab] W-Honey Beam Cushion – Review

[W.Lab] W-Honey Beam Cushion - Review​ Hi! Today I’ll be reviewing the W-Honey Beam Cushion (no. 23 Honey Beige) from W.Lab. As you can decipher from their name, this brand attempts to use scientific technology to...

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Cushion Foundation – Know What You’re Using

 Cushion Foundation - Know What You're UsingA quick introduction​For many of you living overseas, BB and CC creams – both popularized by Asian beauty brands – are fairly novel concepts. After all, it hasn’t been tha...

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Sun Care – Know What You’re Using

Sun Care – Know What You’re Using So its summer, you’re at the beach with your shades on and a cool drink in one hand or maybe at the park, lounging around on the grass dozing off. Sounds idyllic right, a world awa...

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Song Joong Ki 7 Days Mask Sheets

Song Joong Ki 7 Days Mask Sheets ​Song Joong Ki, whom we all love and adore - perhaps a little too much - (for those who don't know him, he's a famous Korean actor who was in the hit drama series "Descendants of the...

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Facial Mask Sheets - Know What You're Using

Facial Mask Sheets - Know What You're UsingFacial Masks Korean facial mask sheets are the IT items sweeping the globe and most rightly so given that they are fun, easy to use, affordable and most importantly effect...

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heimish NEW "Dailism" Smudge Stop Eyeliner

HEIMISH - "Dailism" Smudge Stop Eye Liner​  heimish, the brand that ensures it's not about the makeup but about how gorgeous YOU look wearing it, has finally released their "Dailism" Smudge Stop Eye Liner! <...

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