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[Review] Touch in Sol; No Poreblem Primer

[Review] Touch in So​l; No Poreblem Primer❤ Having a flawless skin may be a dream for everyone! But well, life never goes the way we wanted, right? Or it is just me? lol Honestly speaking, I’m not a fan of pri...

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[Brand Story] So Natural

[Brand Story] So Natural "Your skin is so natural, sciensolution skin careCentered around a naturalistic philosophy, our products are formulated to strengthen our skin's natural properties.Informed by nature and for...

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K-Beauty Gurus: Interview with Top 4

 Hello everyone!:) How are you doing?  Finally we've brought the interview video with our Top 4.The finalists filmed this video enthusiastically at River Han, despite the cold and windy weather! So we...

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K-Beauty Gurus 2017, Looking back on the journey

      So, this is the end of our K-Beauty Gurus 2017,although our reminiscence is likely to last for some time. But remember, this is not the end of our journey.Please stay tuned for ou...

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[Review] IPKN Moist & Firm BB Cream

[Review] IPKN Moist & Firm BB Cream❤  Hello everyone! I’m back with another review! Did you guys know that new brand is up on our site! We have #IPKN! :) Do you know that IPKN really popular with thei...

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Brand Story: Make P:rem

Brand Story: Make P:rem Meet Make P:rem, the ​brand that makes your skin healthier!    First, I love the details on this product. Not only does it have scale markings to show how much you’...

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Review: Benton Dear My Best Friend Bar

Review: Benton Dear My Best Friend Bar  Benton’s newest release was named ‘Dear My Best Friend Bar’ to signify that it acts like a heartfelt letter from a dearest friend that protects your skin – face and bod...

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[HEIMISH] All Clean Balm + pH 5.5 All Clean Green Foam

[HEIMISH] All Clean Balm + pH 5.5 All Clean Green Foam   After the K-Beauty Story of these two products, We made a video explaining about these 2 products. Want to know more...

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10 Steps of Skincare routine♥

10 Steps of Skincare♡ 1. First Step of Cleansing (Oil-Based cleanser)2. Second Step of Cleansing (Water-Based cleanser)3. Exfoliator4. Toner5. Essence6. Serums/ Ampoules 7. Mask8. Moisturizer9. Eye Cream10. Sun...

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[Review] Pyunkang Yul A Theraphy Lotion

[Review] Pyunkang Yul A Theraphy Lotion Hi ladies! What are you guys up to? Hope everything goes well with all of you!☺Today, I’ll be talking about…. body lotion! I think this is the first time, I write about thin...

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Leaders: Gold Foil Mask

Leaders: Gold Foil Mask Ladies and gentlemen, have you heard of the term ‘cosmoceutical’? It’s basically a combination of the words “cosmetics” and “pharmacetutical”.  Many of you might not be familia...

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[REVIEW] Heimish All Clean balm & All Clean Green Foam

[REVIEW] Heimish All Clean balm & All Clean Green Foam Hello everyone! After weeks, I’m back with another review! Let’s start, shall we? Today, I'll be talking about 2 products from Heimish that are perfec...

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[REVIEW] COSRX Clear Fit Line

[REVIEW] COSRX Clear Fit line☺Hello everyone! So, today I’m back with another review! Yeyy!! COSRX is back with new products, which is, “Clear Fit Spot Concealer!” and “Clear Fit Master Patch” Btw, you guys do know tha...

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[Review] Rewritten review on Heimish's Artless Glow Base

Best primer, ☆Heimish☆ Artless Glow Base       I can’t live without a primer or a base, because every afternoon, I find out that my makeup disappears on my face without any of them...

4316 VIEW

Brand Story: W.Dressroom

Brand Story: W.Dressroom   Fragrance brand, W.Dressroom, was launched by renowned Korean designer and star of the popular webtoon “The King Of Fashion”, Bum Suk Choi. It was his wish to capture the mo...

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