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The First Visitors is is the online shopping mall to sell a wide range of Korean cosmetic products to countries worldwide. Stylekorean keeps an eye on Korean market trend to catch up latest Korean style and brings it to our worldwide customers as fast as possible. Any customers who are interested in Korean cosmetics, foods, fashion are always welcomed and experience Korean way, your taste and enjoy yourself. Being trustworthy shoping mall platform to experience Korean trendy products, Stylekorean gives our commitment to satisfy our customers needs.

Stylekorean Commitment

1. Authentic and Original.

-With good reputation as a big cosmetic distributor in Korea Deomestic, Stylekorean has direct supply channel with brand factory or its representative. So customers 100% trust that every single product Stylekorean shipping is authentic and original product.

2. Transparent Shipping cost structure

- Stylekorean separates product price and shipping fee to provide best pricing to customers without any shipping bubble. Stylekorean pays our attention on better product, better pricing and better service. (see details)

3. 72 hours commitment (see details)

- In stock items are shipped out within 24 hours and other items are supported within 72 hours (Korea working days basis). If Stylekorean happens not to ship out packages in time, we inform customers of the reason why delaying within 72 hours and of what we are going to do for the case.

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