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THE FACE SHOP is a Korean cosmetic retailer owned by LG Household & Healthcare. Created in Korea in 2003, THEFACESHOP is expanding fast, and now serves customers all over the world, with a global presence of more than 2,300 stores in 29 countries. The skin imbalance means that you are too distant from nature. Our the face shop will become second nature for you who interested in and resemble the nature. We are delivering the real story of nature. Open your ears with eyes to our true story of nature. Told by THE FACE SHOP. The face shop is acting for your skin. we make sure that the essence of nature goes into your skin as you know .<The beautiful Suzi . She is main model into thefaceshop with Kimsoohyun of best actor is model>

THE FACE SHOP Exfoliators

THE FACE SHOP Exfoliators

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