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#Neogen #probiotics #skincare



-The owner of the company has originally worked at the research lab

The products are made based on “technology” and trustworthy ingredient-wise

-“Each person needs the customized skincare by focusing on personal, specific interests”


Probiotics are often called "good" or "helpful" live bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy. It is important for your health, so people not only take it through foods but even take it through extra supplements. It helps overall digestive function/ lower blood pressure/ beneficial for brain function in easing anxiety and depression/ helpful to dental health/ improve vaginal health… basically everywhere.

Don’t just “EAT” it, “APPLY” directly to your skin.

From the idea of probiotics keep the balance of digestive system, Neogenlab was interested in the probiotic cosmetics which help to fundamentally improve skin balance when skin becomes sensitive due to harmful environment.


(0:00) Yogurt!


(00:44) Probiotics

(01:33) About Neogen

(01:56) Real Fresh Foam

(03:11) Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling

(04:09) Back to Probiotics


(05:19) Double Action Serum

(05:52) Relief Cream

(07:00) Relief mask

(07:15) Relief Sun Essence


(09:00) Youth Repair Mist

(09:54) Youth Repair Emulsion

(10:02) Youth Repair Cream

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