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#Sunscreen #Sunblock #SensitiveSkin


Are you applying a sunscreen (a sunblock) all the time when you go out?

Applying a sunscreen is the one of the most important parts to make your skin looks younger and healthy!

Whoever don't apply any sunscreen, then you MUST watch this episode!


If you're applying it all the time, you're doing great but the question is, are you using the correct sunscreen for your skin type?


On this episode, Soo and Megan will tell you how important applying sunscreens is, and the types of sunscreens! Then let's see what Soo and Megan are going to tell us!


1. Today's letter (0:13)


2. Physical Sunscreen (1:10)

- [Suntique] I'M SAFE for Baby&Silver 50ml (2:28)


3. Chemical Sunscreen (3:06)

- [HYGGEE] Relief Sun Moisturizer SPF50+ PA++++ (4:45)


4. Combine Sunscreen (5:46)

- [Cell Fusion C] Laser Sunscreen 100 SPF50+ PA+++ (6:03)


5. Soo's Recommended Sunscreen (7:10)

- [ELROEL] Pang Pang Big Sun Cushion  (7:21)


Thank you all who left the comments of this topic!


Please leave comments of your questions on skincare or makeup down below!

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