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Write Review & Earn Reward Points

 Write review & earn additional points! Did you know that there is STYLEKOREAN points which you get earn and use for shopping? Beside from purchase points, you can earn this points by review your item....

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STYLEKOREAN at BeautyCon LA 2018!★☆

 STYLEKOREAN at BeautyCon LA 2018Hello everyone! ​​​​​​​​ So, it’s been around 2 weeks after BeautyCon LA! It was our very first BeautyCon experience and we were surprised with all the love and interest th...

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Stylekorean is going to BeautyCon LA + Pre-order BOX!

Stylekorean is going to BeautyCon LA + Pre-order BOX!  Stylekorean is coming to BeautyCon LA! We are so excited and the fact that we get to meet all of you make us more thrilled! And of course we can’t go wit...

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6 COMMENTS at KCON LA 2017! at KCON LA 2017!Let us show you the summary of our stunning three days at K-CON LA 2017! KCON LA 2017, the world's largest Korean culture festival, kicked off its journey of 3 days on August 18...

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Let's K-beauty Jakarta (Day 2)

Let's K-beauty Jakarta (Day 2)♥  Day 2! So if yesterday our theme was K-beauty sharing, today is Sunny’s Birthday Bash! In order to celebrate Sunny’s birthday we arranged this event. And today Sunny is going ...

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Let's K-beauty Jakarta (Day 1)

Let's K-beauty Jakarta (Day 1)♥  So, finally!! STYLEKOREAN really come to Jakarta, Indonesia! We had a really good time there, and now we are going to share about our event in Jakarta! :) So, for our fi...

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