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  [Try Me] Naming Contest for the K-BEAUTY BOX!
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-05-14 12:00:29     View : 19616    



Dear, K-beauty Lovers!


STYLEKOREAN's K-BEAUTY BOX #1 has been loved by so many customers!

K-Beauty Box lets you try out the hottest and trendiest cosmetic products in Korea with incredible prices.

(CLICK HERE if you never heard of our K-BEAUTY BOX #1)




Are you looking forward to experiencing the next K-Beauty Box? So are we!

So, before introducing, we invite everyone of you to our “Naming Contest” for the K-Beauty Box #2!

We want to borrow your idea for our own K-Beauty box so that we can use that name on our next boxes/bags or subscription boxes :)

*Tip: The simpler, the better! -KBbox, StylePouch, KBbag, etc.


Please leave a comment including a name for the Box and the reason why you pick that name.

We will select TOP 20 NAMES among all the submitted applicants and will send a K-Beauty Box #2 to those selected. (An Instagram Review is required!)

We will also give points worth 200 US dollar to the one person who submits THE COOLEST NAME.

Don't miss this awesome chance to win!




Leave a comment on this post in a form as below to sign up!


Full name



Post Code

Phone Number

E-mail Address

Instagram Account@

An idea for the name of the Beauty Box

An explanation supporting the idea




Contest will be closed on May 25th 2018.

Winners will be selected from comments on May 31st 2018, and announced on this post!

We will send out boxes on the next week of the announcement, and deadline of the posting would be June 30th 2018.


Your comment will be automatically set as a private comment.

You do not have to worry about your personal information because it will only be visible to StyleKorean team.


We wish you luck!♥




Sending lots of kisses for our lovely participants! <3

We are announcing Number 1 WINNER of Naming Contest and 10 Winners of the second prize!




SeoulGlow by @theslyestfox 



10 Winners of Second Prize

All (SK)IN by @belle_hearts

K-BOOM Box by @rosegoldbeautyyblog

Daebox by @rarakartika8

"K"ssentials by @5am_mi3

Bepeu/Bestie Box by @pore2poor

Seoulful Pouch by @localphgurl

Kabang by @laura.olivia

KMusthave by @anjheartsyou

Soul K-Box / K-Soul Box by @abbydurbridge

BomBoxtiK by @gforceha

Congrats! :)

9 left boxes are going to be sent to the participants who are randomly picked from the list!

We will send out the boxes next week!

And DON'T FORGET! The deadline of the posting would be June 30th, 2018!!


Requested Hashtags: #stylekorean #kbeauty #letskbeauty #kbeautybox #namingcontest



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