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  [K.Beauty Story] Are Facial Mists Drying Out Your Skin?
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-02-27 09:43:33     View : 3696    
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Are Facial Mists Drying Out Your Skin?

Did you know that using mists can actually dry out your skin?


I know, I know it sounds crazy! After all, we spritz religiously to make sure our skin stays perfectly hydrated. But it’s all down to science in the end - misting draws out the moisture in our skin to leave it feeling drier and tighter than ever. 


Still, this doesn’t mean we have to chuck out and swear off mists forever! It just means we need to learn how to use them the right way!


Why? The science behind it all

Mists are essentially toners (in the worst case scenario, it might just be water) in a spray bottle. So while it might feel hydrating at first, spritzing it on our face will cause evaporation to happen – the drier the air, the faster this occurs – and just like that our skin is left looking and feeling worse.


What to do! What to do?

We need to seal in the hydration by:
1. Applying a moisturizer afterwards – this will act as a protective barrier. Unfortunately, this method means we can only use our trusty mists at the skincare level. So we suggest approach no.2.

2. Using a mist with a thicker viscosity that will coat your skin and prevent it from losing all its hard-earn hydration!


And what product do we recommend for that? Heimish’s Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum! It’s our newest obsession and here's why!


The Mist + Serum 

This product boasts the following features:

88% Bulgarian Rose:
- This is a significantly higher volume than that found in other brands; a massive plus given the high concentration of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants it provides!
- Helps hydrate and calm our skin all the while preventing premature aging.
- Envelops us in a luxurious rose fragrance 

EWG Rating:
- All infused ingredients have an EWG Skin Deep rating of 1-2 making it safe for those with even the most sensitive of skin!


Serum based mist:
This is not just your run-of-the-mill mist. It’s a serum + mist, which means it’s thicker and more able to trap moisture into your skin (just what we want and need)!

This means, we can use it before and after makeup. So, just pop it into your bag and pull it out wherever and whenever your skin needs a little pick-me-up! #hydrationnation!

Fine mist spray:
Don’t you hate it when a mist squirts you in the face? A mist should gently shower your skin with a fine spritz that hydrates equally and evenly. And that’s what you’ll get with the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Mist. Take a look below!


Sometimes a mist is necessary! For example, when its cold and the air is dry or when it’s hot and the air conditioning is on 24/7 leaving your skin feeling tight!

But! Before using one, make sure you pick up the right kind of mist and apply the right kind of application technique! It will make a big difference and your skin will thank you for it!

So! What's you're favorite mist?



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