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  [K.Beauty Story] Are Cotton Pad Breaking You Out!?
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-02-13 11:05:03     View : 10065    
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Are Cotton Pads Breaking You Out!?

(PyunKang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pad vs  Brand A)


Did you know that the wrong type of cotton pad can damage your skin? These beauty items are used daily, for example, when applying toner or removing makeup so it’s incredibly important that they’re safe!






Cotton pads with loose fibers can harm the skin

General cotton pads (pictured above) are commonly available at a very cheap price. However, they can and do produce a lot of lint which sticks to your skin (especially when soaked in toner) and eventually blocks your pores!





The picture above shows the effects of fine wool accumulating in and blocking pores. This means that your skincare products can cause suffocation which leads to skin problems. Fine wool can also get stuck in between the stratum corneum which prevents skin wastes from being removed.. So, as you can see, it’s incredibly important that you look for and buy lint free cotton pads!

Excessive Toner Consumption

As the last step of cleansing, cotton pads soaked in toner are used to wipe away any remaining makeup residues while softening it. However, if the quantity of toner absorbed into the cotton pad is excessive to the point where no more can be absorbed, the remaining skin wastes do not get removed nor is the skin provided with the moisture desired. If you start off on the wrong foot, the following skin care steps cannot be absorbed into the skin, thus becoming a root cause for sensitive skin.  


The average price for a toner ranges from USD20  to USD30  with high quality products going for around USD50 or more. If used with a general cotton pad, most of the toner tends to get absorbed by the pad itself than the actual skin. This means you just wasted the toner you carefully selected for your skin! But by choosing the right kind of cotton pads you can save on toner by ensuring as little of it as possible is absorbed onto the pad and more of it onto your skin. 


Here is the cotton pad that resolves all the problems mentioned above.


1. Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pad





a.) What is the 1/3 Cotton Pad?

This 1/3 cotton pad soaks up the existing toner remarkably well despite being only a third of a general cotton pad’s thickness. It features a luxurious sponge pulp that ensures the cotton pad is lint-free, thereby successfully preventing skin irritation.


b.) Features:

Sponge Pulp Material - Made of sponge pulp, this cotton pad is lint free and does not leave behind any fibers on the skin.

Minimized Skin Irritation - This soft cotton pad gently cleanses the skin with toner without irritating it by reducing friction. 

Manufacturing Method of Micro Water Waving - During the manufacturing process, hot steam is added to the fibers to ensure increased flexibility. This in turn allows the pad to hold more of the toner which is then able to transfer more moisture and nutrients to the skin. 

2. General Cotton Pad VS Pyunkang Yul Cotton Pad

a.) Removing
Are your cotton pads absorbing too much of your expensive toner bought for your skin and not the pad? Well this one absorbs only a third (1/3rd) of the toner that normal pads do. Even if you massage your face several times to remove your makeup, this pad with its lint free properties does not irritate the skin at all.


A general cotton pad and the 1/3 Cotton Pad were both rubbed on the face for comparison. While the general cotton pad created a lot of 'fluff', the 1/3 Pad was lint free and clean.

3. Absorbency
Ideally the 1/3rd Cotton Pad should soak up a small amount of toner to reduce the use of toner to one third the usual amount. In this experiment, five pieces of each cotton pad were placed in layers and soaked with liquid.


This image show that all five pieces of the Pyunkang Yul 1/3 Cotton Pad were completely soaked while the pile of general cotton pads soaked a mere three pieces. 

4. Discharging Capability
It is also important to know how much toner will be transferred from the pad to your skin. So to test this, we squeezed the contents of the pads into small beakers. 


The results saw the Pyunkang Yul Pad discharge 5ml out of the 7ml of toner absorbed while the general cotton pad barely discharged any toner at all. This proved that though the 1/3rd Pad required less toner to soak them, they were able to deliver more of the toner onto the skin. 

5. Adherence
The 1/3rd compressed sponge type pad aids in the adherence of toner and is suitable for use as a moisturizing facial pack.  


Compared to existing cotton pads that easily fall off with every small movement, this Cotton Pad effectively adheres to skin.

5. 1/3 Cotton Pad User’s Comments
a.) Visibly Changed Skin!
I’ve been using the Pyunkang Yul Cotton Pads and Essence Toner for about a month. As a result, I can see my skin texture has visibly improved. Prior to this, I was very concerned about my skin as the tone was quite dull and flaky making it difficult to apply makeup. However, after using these products, my skin's texture has become extremely soft and moisturized.


As seen in the picture on the left, my skin was dull and full of dead skin cells, making my makeup look uneven. As I started using the Cotton Pad, more toner was absorbed into my skin rather than the Pad which helped improve my skin. 

It didn’t produce any fluff nor irritate my skin at all. I could see my face had remarkably improved with my very own eyes.

b.) Toner Use 1/3 DOWN!


With regular cotton pads, I found that I used about half a bottle of toner in about a month. But after switching to the Pyunkang Yul 1/3rd Cotton Pad, I found I used just half of that in the same amount of time! Even though only a small amount of toner was soaked into the Pad, it still provided enough to moisturize and nourish my skin. 

c.) More Than Just A Cotton Pad!
This Cotton Pad was very good as a facial pack because it was thin and adhered well to my skin without causing any irritation. I highly recommend it for use as a moisture pack. It’s very easy and simple (explanation below). Plus it has the added benefit of saving you the trouble (and costs) of buying a regular facial mask!

6. 1/3 Cotton Pad’s Usage Tips for 200% utilization! 


The effects of the Pyunkang Yul Cotton pad doubles when being used with a viscous toner. Try it with a thick textured one like the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner by following the methods below.

a.) Patting Method


The most basic method of using the Cotton Pad is the patting method. First of all, soak the Pad with toner, tuck the ends of the Pad between two fingers, and pat it on wide areas such as the cheeks and forehead until the toner is sufficiently absorbed. 


For narrow areas like the nose and chin, wrap the Pad onto your middle finger and lightly pat until the toner is fully absorbed. 

b.) Moisture Pack
Your skin can get three times as much moisture with the moisture pack. You can enjoy the wonderful effects of this easy to apply moisture pack. 


The 1/3 Cotton Pad delivers moisture and nutrients contained within toner into the skin by closely adhering to the dermis. Give your skin the intense moisture treatment it desires and needs with the 1/3 Cotton Pad and Essence Toner. 



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