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  [K.Beauty Story] Is it bad to cover your acne/ pimples with makeup? Here’s the truth!
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Is it bad to cover your acne/ pimples with makeup? Here’s the truth!

Pimples that just pops up without warning? Believe me. We’ve all been there! Having a beautiful sleep and waking up with pimples… it is totally a big NO! In addition, after that we are going to try our best to cover them all with concealer, bb cream, or foundation. It might cover your pimples but…. Is it ok to do that?


According to web MD, “Today, we use makeup to camouflage our pimples, but applying layer after layer of cover-up when you have acne isn’t necessarily the best approach. Makeup can be very good at hiding pimples, but it can also accentuate zits if you use the wrong kind of concealer or slather it on too thickly.” So, I guess, cover your pimples might not be the best option?


So, let’s discuss how we should handle this problem! First, let’s start with how to prevent pimples!

1.  Cleanse your face diligently

Double cleanse! Those extra minutes that you use to double cleanse will work magic for your skin. Make sure your skin clean before putting your makeup on and also removing it before you go to sleep. Extra dirt + makeup would be one of the worst combination and same goes for leaving makeup sit on your skin for longer than it needs to be.


2.  Don’t over stress

Stress can be one of the reason why pimple pops up! Acne cause stress that causes more acne. The more you eager to cover it up the less effective your efforts become. If you don’t have an important things to do let your pimple breath would be a great idea! One or two pimples won’t kill your beauty! Right? Let them be, and it will gone before you notice!


3.   Drink lot of water and get enough sleep

Take care of your skin from inside and outside. Drink lot of water will help you to clean all the internal toxins and hydrate your skin. Enough sleep = Less stress! Less stress = Less acne problem! So you already get the point of the importance of sleep.


4.  Change your bed sheet every 2 weeks

Especially your pillow sheet. It might be one of the biggest reason for your pimples. All the dirt, dust and bacteria that stuck on the pillow sheet…. Change it regularly! Don’t be lazy!


5.  Use non-comedogenic makeup

Non-comedogenic products are less likely to clogged your pores so it will reduce oil and bacteria that will build up that will leads for inflammation, acne, and scars. Comedogenic products usually include these ingredients: Cocoa butter, pigments&dyes (red in particular), coal tar, isopropyl myristate. 


Now, let me introduce you with this product, that might help you!


COSRX; Clear Fit Blemish Cushion is one of the latest product that comes from COSRX. Available in 3 colors (#21, #23, #27). Number #27 is the latest one that come out. This cushion is really good for people who has a sensitive skin and acne problem. I might say that oily skin is the most suitable skin type for this cushion. It has a really great coverage and well, it not only cover you imperfection but treat them all together.


The cushion type is mochi cushion, which has been trend for some time in Korea. A little bit touch would be enough. Since the coverage of this cushion is a bomb be careful when you applied it, too much can make your skin look cakey by the end of the day.



The main ingredients of this cushion are 21% Centella Asisatica Leaf Water, 50ppm Centella Asiatix Leaf extract, 2% niacinamide. Based on the ingredients itself, it’s really good to treat your acne problem as its benefits to care inflammation and soothes skin.


It has SPF 47PA++. But still, wearing sunscreen before going out ladies! The sunscreen inside foundation/ cushion won’t help much to cover your skin from UV! For the end result, it has a matte finish yet somehow shown a natural glow finish. It won’t make your skin look greyish after some time and don’t worry, it won’t crease.



Here's the swatch for the cushion shade! Hope it can help you to choose the right shade!



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