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  [K.Beauty Story] [L'Affair] Honey Mask - Review
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2016-06-09 15:20:43     View : 5743    

[L'Affair] Honey Mask - Review 



Hi! Following yesterday's review on the W-Honey Beam Cushion, I'll be continuing the honey parade with L'Affair's Honey Mask. 


The Unboxing


​Given the rather affordable price of the product, I was surprised to see how many components it had! - 10 facial sheets and a 110 ml peel off mask. Even better was that the facial sheet provided English instructions (but not the peel off mask). 




​The reveal 


​As you know, honey or propolis containing products are extremely popular here in South Korea. In fact many beauty advocates swear by it! Which was why I was excited to try the Honey Mask! 


- Each product contains 1,200 mg of royal jelly extract which is produced by bees. This substance is said to have both anti-aging and rejuvenation properties (amongst other elements). And in testament to this, Queen Bees who are fed a strict diet of only royal jelly, remain young and active for over 30 bee generations. 

- The product also contains propolis which shares similar advantages to royal jelly. It has a potent anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect and are thus perfect for acne treatment and prevention!

- Hyaluronic acid and beta-glucans are included to increase the skin's moisture absorption.

All in all, the ingredients harmonize to produce radiant, dewy, crystal clear skin. Hooked yet?


The facial mask


Once I opened the packet I was greeted with the scent of honey (combined with a little cotton candy). In all honesty, it smelt so good I had some difficulty resisting the temptation to taste the serum! Nonetheless, it is a ​feel good ​scent which acts as a bonus whilst using the product (mind you may feel a little hungry)! The essence itself was viscous and dense.




The facial mask had a decent amount of essence so I used the excess on my arms and legs (be sure to do the same as you don't want to waste any of that nutrient packed goodness)!




The facial mask had great adhesion which is perfect for a more proficient transfer of ingredients.


Quick tip:​ ​I have mentioned this before, but for a more cooling effect, pop your facial masks in the fridge. This is especially great in the summer! 


After about 20 mins of power napping, I took the facial mask off and gently patted the remaining essence into my skin. And I absolutely LOVED the outcome. My skin looked flawless! It was radiant, moist and supple! 




For crystal clear skin, the product suggests you use the facial sheets continuously for 4 weeks in accordance to your skin's turnover cycle.....and I shall do just that! 


Peel off mask

​This peel off mask was intended for exfoliating purposes in that it helps removed dead skin cells, sebum, black heads, white heads and various other waste products. All of which tend to build up quite rapidly!




The gel was quite thick and viscous with a lovely honey-like scent!




Unfortunately, this product did not provide English directions. Still it was rather simple to use! That is, after washing and drying your face, apply the product evenly whilst avoiding your eyes and mouth. Wait until the product dries and peel off from bottom to top!




Once dried, I gently peeled off the product which was quite resilient! I love these types of products as you can check to verify whether it was effective and I was pleased to see a large amount of waste products removed! My skin definitely look cleaner and smoother! 




Quick tip: If you have sensitive skin, apply toner before using the gel type mask!


And that's it! I really enjoyed this product! It was simple to use and highly effective despite its very affordable price! I definitely recommend it!


So be sure to check it out by following the link below!




Thanks for reading!





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