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  [K.Beauty Story] How to take care of your skin while you fly♥
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How to take care of your skin while you fly



It is spring and soon summer is coming. Don’t you think this is the perfect time to travel? When you wake up in another country and get to see and experience new things? Not forget to mention, food!

However, before you get to experience those things you need to sit uncomfortably on airplane sits and yeah, long flight.


Long flight might break your skin. The air in the cabin can make your skin wreck. Air in the plane is a recycle air, which all germs in the plane can end up on your face (Not to forget when people coughing and sneezing). Other than that, the air inside the plane is less humid than the air your skin is usually used in everyday life. It dries your skin faster, and can lead to break out.


Therefore, here is some tips for long flight from Stylekorean teams!


1.     Drink a ton of water

It really help to hydrate your skin. It will help to cut down any bloat that you might have during the flight. 


2.     Never ever wash your face with water in airplane bathrooms

Same like the air inside the cabin that recycle, the water as well. So… Imagine what will happens if you wash your skin with the water.

3.     Remove your makeup

No one is going to put attention to you inside the plane. Take your makeup off before boarding or maybe before you leave to the airport. Wearing makeup on the plane will block your skin to breathe. Layers of oil, makeup also will trap on your pores. Bring a mist, so you can easily re-apply whenever you start feel dry. We would like to recommend Heimish; Mist Serum. It will help you to reduce inflammatory, get rid of acne and good for clogged pores! It will keep your skin dewy and moist.





4.     Embrace the sheet mask

Mask would be a skin safer! It will help your skin hydrate and make your skin relax. Just pretend you are sleeping if you think people are looking. Your skin comes first!


5.     Eye Patch

If you are a type, who watch a movie/ read books during a flight it will help you to calm your dark circle. Heimish; Hydrogel Eye Patch Bulgarian Rise Water would be a great choice! Rose water not only will rejuvenate your skin but also has skin lightening qualities hence will be a huge help to removing dark circle. Still, sleep as much as you can! Enough sleep will result in a good skin.



6.     Sun Screen + Lip Balm

UV exposure increase expressively at 30,000 feet and the higher it is the more it will affect your skin. Not only your skin, your lips need to be hydrate as well!!  

Happy Travel!★




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appiah.jessie@gmail.com's comment

app...@gmail. 1 Recommend

I will be travelling soon and have been looking for travelling skincare tips, this was great, thanks! :-)

Stylekorean's comment

admin Reply Reply 0 Recommend

Glad that this tips helped!♥ Wish you safe and happy travels!

larissa.schmitz@hotmail.com's comment

lar...@hotm 0 Recommend

Great post!

larissa.schmitz@hotmail.com's comment

lar...@hotm 0 Recommend

I have never been abroad and in the end of this year I will be going to visit my cousin in Germany ... some things in the post I just didnt know about it so thank you! I will not forget the tips! <3