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  [K.Beauty Story] Acne Special Part 3: Benton Be My Best Friend Bar
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Acne Special Part 3: Benton Be My Best Friend Bar


Why do people talk about acne as though it only happens on our face? What about body acne? Like chestne and bacne? It’s equally heart-breaking and with the warmer months coming up, we can’t even hide them anymore!


That’s why were going to talk body acne today! 


What causes it?

The same things that cause facial acne – pores blocked by sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria. That’s (kinda) great news right? It means, all you need to do is break out your trusted acne-fighter’s kit and you should be good to go! 

...Or..., just stick around. Cos we have a little something something to share with you!

Benton Dear My Best Friend Bar

This is Benton’s newest release, made just for those suffering from body acne!


Key Points

- Includes honey and 8 types of vegetable oils such as coconut, palm and olive oil to provide hydration
- Contains the kings of acne care, calamine, centella asiatica and tea tree to soothe and heal acne prone skin
- Comprises cacao seed powder, papain and oatmeal to exfoliate and remove waste products
- Dermatologically tested and approved for sensitive skin
- Cruelty free!


The Skin Research Center has even found that Benton's be My best Friend Bar reduces sebum and oil content!


This particular beauty contains a soap net which helps create a rich lather. This helps glide across your skin preventing unnecessary aggravation an…you got it…. acne!


It’s these things that make it an easy-to-use but effective body care item. But don’t just listen to us, listen to what everyone else is saying (btw they’re saying it’s amazing :P)


Tips for an (body) acne free life!

1. Did you know your hair products could break you out? They tend to contain chemicals like silicone and mineral oils which can block pores and lead to acne. So we recommend that you either a). wash and condition your hair before moving onto body wash or b). avoid hair products that contain these ingredients. 

2. Wear light, breathable clothes to prevent sweat build up and skin chaffing which can cause break outs. 

3. Always wash at the end of the day (we know you all do but just in case)! This will help remove all the dirt and grime you’ve accumulated throughout the day. 


Remember. It takes weeks before any changes can be seen so don’t lose hope and keep working at it (but don’t over cleanse / exfoliate)!



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