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  [K.Beauty Story] Acne Special Part 1: What Is that!?
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-01-31 15:32:50     View : 4963    
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The Acne Special: Part 1. What is that!?



Enough is enough! It’s time to get this acne problem under control – right? So for all you acne fighters out there, we’ve complied your complete guide to survival. 


Most of us refer to acne as if it’s one in the same. It’s not! Knowing what type of acne you have will help in its treatment so slip your glasses on and let’s get learning!



Type 1: Non-Inflammatory Acne:
These don’t cause any pain or swelling but they’re aesthetically ANNOYING!

Blackheads/Whiteheads: We ALL have these (if not, you’ve got amazing skin and we’re beyond jelly). Blackheads and whiteheads are caused by blocked pores. 

Type 2: Inflammatory Acne:
These are the angry, pus filled zits that always seen to pop up on an important day and can be categorized into papules, pustules, nodules and cysts. They're also caused by sebum and dead skin cells but because bacterium is involved, there's also inflammation. And that's what makes them so red, painful and hard to get rid of!


Start simple!
1. Try to keep your pores clear! Use chemical exfoliants to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells. The most common ones are AHAs and BHAs. They more or less do the same thing but the latter goes one step further in that its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory (perfect for the second type of acne)!

2. Use a gentle cleanser that has a pH of around 5.5. This will prevent your skin from being stripped of its natural oils which leads to over-compensation, increased sebum production and then....acne!

3. Once you’ve chosen your skincare products, keep using them for a couple weeks! It takes a lot of time and effort to treat acne so be patient with it! 


Exercise = acne:
Sorry! This is not a valid excuse to skip going to the gym! It’s not exercise but sweat that can cause a break out! Sweat combined with other skin wastes can block pores and lead to acne, backne and chestne. So make sure to hit the showers after a good workout! 

Poor hygiene = acne:
Have you ever been told to “just cleanse more”?  Well that won’t help. All it will do is strip your skin making it feel the need to produce more oil exacerbating your sensitive skin. Twice a day should be more than enough!

Chocolate = acne?
Phew! Don't worry, this is not true! But that doesn't mean you should be making 3 meals out of it. Sugar can cause an increase of oil production so make sure you don't over indulge in these (gorgeous pieces of heaven).

There's no magic formula but...

There’s no quick-fix formula for acne. But the good news is that it’s treatable and it can all be done at home! So we’re calling the next 2 weeks ACNE AWARENESS week and we’re introducing you to a few of our must-have goodies - make sure to keep an eye out for our #ACNEFREE selections!

In the meantime, take a look at these brands (they know acne)!





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