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  [K.Beauty Story] [Review] Touch in Sol; No Poreblem Primer
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-12-06 16:44:18     View : 4365    
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[Review] Touch in So​l; No Poreblem Primer


Having a flawless skin may be a dream for everyone! But well, life never goes the way we wanted, right? Or it is just me? lol Honestly speaking, I’m not a fan of primer. Because sometimes it just make my makeup looks weird by the end of the day. Sometimes it makes my skin looks oily or cakey. It really hard to find a right primer for me, and I think my makeup looks much better without primer. I don’t really have problems with pore. I do have pores in my nose area (my skin L) but well, I never see it as a big problem. Imperfection makes you perfect! (Love yourself!)




So, when I got this Touch in Sol; No poreblem primer I was a little hesitate to try but I try it anyway lol and today, I will give you my honest opinion about this product! Start with their packaging it is so pretty. It comes with hard-glasses bottle. The design of this primer too really eye-pleasing.



First, I really happy with the fact that they come with pump type of style. It makes me know the quantity of the product that I need to use. One pump is enough for me! I don’t really cover all of my face. I just use it on my nose and checks area. Moreover, based on my knowledge, use too much primer can cause “pilling”



I love the smell of this product! It smells sweet yet calming. I’m not good at explaining scent but believe me, it smells good. The prime itself has a light pink color and then it will go clean. The result of this product is matte finish. It is a lightweight, silky finish primer that will smooths skin and for me it did an average job and lengthening the wear time of my makeup. And, honestly speaking I don’t see much of a difference in the size of my pores. It just smooth it out and make my makeup look more flawless, I can say.



I used this after my sunscreen. And then I apply my concealer and base makeup. My skin is normal-combination and this product doesn’t dry me out. It said that this one is suitable for all skin type, but I think it will be a little dry for dry skin? Especially on winter time.



However, for the price, I can say that this primer is okay and perfect for daily makeup. What is your favorite primer? Let me know!




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