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  [K.Beauty Story] Brand Story: Make P:rem
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-11-24 16:34:08     View : 4409    
  Link : http://www.stylekorean.com/brands/233/make-prem (477)

Brand Story: Make P:rem


Meet Make P:rem, the brand that makes your skin healthier!





First, I love the details on this product. Not only does it have scale markings to show how much you’re using but it also has a place for you to write down when the item was opened. This acts as a reminder for those impulsively bought products you buy, use once then tuck away in the darkest corners of your vanity! 




The design captures the Nordic sensibilities that most Make P:rem products boast and it fits perfectly in one hand making it both appealing and practical for Koreans and foreigners alike!


Make P:rem’s Safe Me Cream uses numerous ingredients with an EWG level 2 and aims to use a minimum number of necessary components. In this way, it’s similar to the many other brands out there. But what sets it apart, is the fact that Make P:rem’s products can be used by infants! In fact, it’s renowned as a mild moisturizing cream.





This product excludes all harmful ingredients and is thus perfect for those with sensitive, dry and oily skin. Suffer from dry skin? No worries! You don’t even need to add an oil, it’s more than hydrating enough! The cream also offers a calming effect and it’s texture has been praised as being ‘highly satisfying’.


Make P:rem’s Safe Me Cream has undergone intensive hypo-allergenic tests, all of which certify its safety and use on sensitive skin. It’s clinical outcomes also indicate that the item provides an intense moisturizing effect for up to 48 hours. 






I personally liked the brand’s line up but with the exception of the cream, all the other products seem to similar to the other products out in the market. 





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