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  [K.Beauty Story] [Review] Pyunkang Yul A Theraphy Lotion
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-11-13 11:28:45     View : 4147    
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[Review] Pyunkang Yul A Theraphy Lotion


Hi ladies! What are you guys up to? Hope everything goes well with all of you!☺

Today, I’ll be talking about…. body lotion! I think this is the first time, I write about thing other than makeup and skin care but hey, let’s show our hardworking body a little appreciation My skin getting drier in this winter time….. Okay, honestly speaking I didn’t use body lotion regularly on summer time (it’s bad guys, don’t follow me) But during spring, fall, and winter….. I must apply it every night and morning, if not… omg, I can’t even look at my skin lol


Body lotion will seals moisture into your skin and it will prevent your skin from dryness. It also gonna make you feel and smell good (Okay, for this you need to find the right one) and as well it will help you feel relax.


You guys did know right, that dry skin will lead to redness, itching, and flaking. Not to mention, it will make your skin looks rough and I believe most of people won’t like it. Dry skin faster the aging process, moisture skin will minimize the appearance of wrinkles and any other signs of aging.  



After my blabbering let me introduce you with my current fav body lotion from Pyunkang Yul! This is from their therapy line. This body lotion contains natural fragrance and imperatively necessary ingredients that will give a comfortable and relaxing sensation to your skin. It has a fresh tea tree scent, which is so relaxing. It really hydrate and moisturize my skin☻




The texture of this lotion is something between light lotion and gel. It doesn’t feel sticky which I love.

Do you know that they use “Asiatic pennyworth extract”? It’s a herb that even tiger uses for curing. It will gives a soothing and vitalization to your skin. And of course the tea tree leaf extract that will sooth irritated skin and provide moisture to your skin!



It can be used for all skin type even sensitive skin type as well. Their ingredients are safe so you guys doesn’t need to stress over about the ingredients list!♡



I’ve been using this body lotion over 2 months and I just feel like my skin scream “Thank you” lol I apply it diligently at night but well… I do skip some times in the morning (I’m not a morning person *excuse) because am running late, but my skin is still moisture enough♡

I highly recommend you guys to try this body lotion. It’s really good and has been my fav for these past 2 months and counting.





Hope you all find this K-Beauty story helpful and do leave comment of what product that you guysant us to review as well your opinion after trying this body lotion! ‘Till next time, 안녕



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