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  [K.Beauty Story] Leaders: Gold Foil Mask
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-11-10 11:17:03     View : 5175    
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Leaders: Gold Foil Mask


Ladies and gentlemen, have you heard of the term ‘cosmoceutical’? It’s basically a combination of the words “cosmetics” and “pharmacetutical”.



Many of you might not be familiar with the brand, Leaders. But trust us, one look at the product and it might trigger your memory. After all, it’s the no.1 bestselling mask sheet brand in Korea!



It’s a low irritation, derma cosmetic, doctor brand that puts skin safety first (whew that’s a mouth full)! 



You’ve all heard of the “1 day 1 mask” skincare routine right? Well, this trend just goes to show how popular mask sheets are. But even within the large varieties available, the first to come to mind is Leaders. It’s truly a brand that represents Korean mask sheets.


Just like you would change your cosmetics to suit your skin type, it’s important to match the function of the mask sheet with your skin condition. This will give you better results!



Today, we want to introduce you to the EX Solution Foil Mask, one of Leaders’ bestselling products! This particular item can be categorized into 2 groups:


1. Leaders EX Solution Aqua Shield Gold Foil Mask 10ea

2. Leaders EX Solution Lifting Shield Gold Foil Mask 10ea




This mask sheet is unique in that it has a foil coating which comprises of a 3 layer structure heat reflecting sheet that prevents the evaporation of the active ingredients in the serum. This ensures the nutrients are better absorbed into your skin. It also blocks fine dust, yellow dust and provides a subtle thermotherapy effect.


Contrary to the outside, the inside layer is a regular mask sheet that ensures perfect adherence to your skin.




The Leaders EX Foil Mask contains lysine, an ingredient that increases the skin’s natural moisture retention. It also contains ceramide which helps improve your skin’s barrier so it is recommended that you use the product on a regular basis! 




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