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  [K.Beauty Story] [REVIEW] Heimish All Clean balm & All Clean Green Foam
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-11-08 13:44:47     View : 9483    
  Link : (543)

[REVIEW] Heimish All Clean balm & All Clean Green Foam


Hello everyone! After weeks, I’m back with another review! Let’s start, shall we? 

Today, I'll be talking about 2 products from Heimish that are perfect for double cleansing steps. 



So, first am going to talk about my all the time favorite balm cleanser, Heimish; All Clean Balm. They change their packaging! And believe me, the new packaging really make it easier doing all the cleansing process!



Let me explain why I like this cleanser; It’s natural and has no paraben product inside. It’s really good to remove thick makeup, waterproof makeup. Perfect for the first step of cleanser. The balm will melt into your skin and 100% will removes the makeup, dust, dirt and all the impurities. It doesn’t make your skin feels oily or dry after use. They also have Shea butter to moisturizes your skin and provides elasticity, Citrus herb oil to soother and eases stress, Coconut extract to help to softens and conditions skin, and White flower complex will improves skin balance and skin tone.



Next, we also have HEIMISH; All Clean Green Foam. This is Heimish new cleansing foam/ Since it is the water based cleanser, it’s the perfect choice for 2nd step of cleanser. Ah! It also as pH 5.5, which I believe lot of you going to like it, am I right? Let me explain a bit about pH; Percentage of Hydrogen is numerical values indicates the degree of acidity and basicity by hydrogen ion concentration. pH 7 indicates neutrality and pH 5.5 indicates mild acidity. So, basically this water based cleanser will help to naturalize your skin from the oil based cleanser that you used before and it also gonna helps to cleans all the remaining dirt, impurities, makeup and other things as well.



So, about this Heimish All Clean Green Foam. Like you guys can see, it is a translucent gel type of cleanser. It will turn into soft foam. The good point other than it has pH 5.5 it also has a minimum formula, which is means less harmful ingredients inside this cleanser. And based on EWG as well, there are no harmful ingredients inside this. Everything is either grade 1 or 2! So, you guys do not need to worry about the ingredients list! It really soothing and moisturizing. You won’t feel dry after you using this cleanser. The only thing about this cleanser is the smell. It’s different from their all clean balm that has a floral fragrance. This one a little bit different. It does smells like medicine for me. But well, the smell is gone after a while, like when you wash it, it won’t smell that much. 



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2 comments's comment

she...@ymail. 1 Recommend

I am already a big fan of Heimish All Clean Balm. The moment I saw the Heimish Foaming Cleanser for sensitive skin with centella asiatica!! I bought it!! Now waiting for it to arrive! So excited!

Stylekorean's comment

admin Reply Reply 0 Recommend

Yeaaa!!!❤❤❤ This is one of our best selling product as well! Hope you enjoy the product when it arrived!❤