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  [K.Beauty Story] [Brand Introduction] Read to the end if the following applies to you!
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-10-24 15:09:41     View : 8678    
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Read to the end if the following applies to you!


1. Those who hate flimsy mask sheets which tear even at the slightest touch


2. Those who wake up with dry tight skin even after using a mask sheet the night before


3. Those who dislike mask sheets that sit directly on your skin


4. Those who dislike mask sheets that fall off with every movement made




(JU) means to give in Korean. 미소(miso) means smile





Jumiso is a Korean brand that is popular between those in their 20s.


Due to its unique nature, it’s a little difficult to translate the products’ names. 


For example, the moisturizing pack is called 


‘Sookji Kkeut, Galjeung Shijak’ 


- ‘End of hangover, Start of thirst’.


In other words, this mask sheet is able to quench the thirst of skin 

that has become dry and dehydrated from a heavy night out. 


There are 5 types of mask sheets in total.


Chewy- Elasticity Mask


Whoa, Whoa- Soothing Mask

Rich- Nourishment Mask

First Skin- Lightening Mask

Water- Splash Mask


The mask sheet is made from 100% cotton, a safe 

and trustworthy material to set your mind at ease.   


The mask sheet comprises of an additional 

mesh/net layer that helps adhere it to place. 


 First Skin- Lightening Mask 

Worried about sallow, lifeless skin caused by a lack of sleep or irregular lifestyle? 

Then this mask sheet is for you. Comprised of vitamin A, E and salmon roe,

these ingredients will help breath a new life into your complexion. 


  Whoa, Whoa- Soothing Mask

Sensitive, angry skin caused by stress or hormone changes?

Manuka honey, ceramide complex 

and other gentle ingredients help soothe and calm your skin. 


Chewy- Elasticity Mask 


Elastic, firm skin achieved with the secrets of eggs!

Do your sleep wrinkles last for over 2 hours? Are you hot and your skin red?? 
Want to return to the days when your skin was firm and elastic? Then this mask sheet is for you!


Rich- Nourishment Mask 

Busy schedule and lack of a balanced diet disrupts your skin’s homeostasis. 
To counteract this, this product uses black ginseng extract, 
the epitome of nutrition, to feed your skin.


Water- Splash Mask 

Food rich in sodium! 

Dry environment causing desertification of your skin?


Those who like salty foods are more likely to experience dry skin! 

So experience the miracles of the ocean with this marine complex mask sheet. 




Sheet adherance     ★★★★★


Essence    ★★★★☆


Fragrance    ★★★☆☆


Moisturizing and lasting power   ★★★★☆


Ingredients    ★★★★☆




To counteract my dry skin, I often use a mask a day. 

Unfortunately this results in my skin feeling dryer than ever! 

However, the Jumiso sheets use a richer essence that leaves my skin hydrated and moisturized. 

On the down side, it leaves a sticky finish




Ingredients: All 5 mask sheets contain 2 EWG grade 3 ingredients. 

It also contains artificial fragrances, EWG grade 8, which is a little regrettable. 

It appears that this component was added to compensate the unique smell 

that comes from the addition of numerous natural oils. 






Safety grades defined by The Environmental Working Group, 

an American environmental organization; these grades range from 1~10.





Tip: Recommended for night use as the rich essence can

prevent makeup from sitting right on.



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