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  [K.Beauty Story] Pyunkang Yul vs. Brand A: Let's Compare!
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How Good Is It Really? Pyunkang Yul vs. Brand A


Daily stress, external pollutants, dirt and grime, hasn’t our skin been through enough? We need to let it rest. This is where renowned skincare brand Pyunkang Yul steps in. Produced by a famed oriental medicine clinic specializing in skin disorders, this line has been recognized for the respite it offers our skin. In particular, the Balancing Gel has been the topic of much interest lately and the subject of comparison with Australia’s leading Brand A.


1. Pyunkang Yul

For many of you, Pyunkang Yul might be an unfamiliar brand. What is it? And what makes it so popular? Let's find out!





Produced by Korea’s top 3 oriental medicine clinic, Pyunkang, this brand encompasses the knowledge and know-hows of over 40 years of experience and is the product of years of analysis at the Oriental Dermatology Research Institute. Utilizing this information, Pyunkang has strived to create a healthy brand in which only essential ingredients are used whilst placing more emphasis on the consumers so that they may select and use items appropriate for their skin as opposed to simply expensive ones. 





Pyunkang Yul’s Balancing Gel has been the subject of much attention lately and is the recommended product for those with sensitive, easily stimulated skin. Despite continuous and sufficient skin care, certain individuals are prone to the evaporation of moisture. For such people, it’s essential that the final step in their skincare routine is able to lock in all the hydration ? that’s where Pyunkang Yul’s Balancing Gel steps in. Applying this product at the final stages of your skincare regimen will create a thin film that works to lock in all the hydration and nutrients. So, let’s take a closer look at this item!


2. What is the 'Balancing Gel'




The Balancing Gel is a thick, moisturizing gel with a honey-like texture that can be used on aggravated skin that requires soothing. When applied at the last stage of your skincare routine, it not only calms by also hydrates.


As you all know, the ingredient with the highest concentration in cosmetics is usually ‘purified water’. Yes ? you heard us right! That’s why it’s often listed at the front of all components. But! Pyunkang Yul’s Balancing Gel is different. First, Milk Vetch Root Extract is used in place of purified water. This ingredient is an herb that is often used in oriental medicine. But what makes this particular component so special is that is if of the highest grade! In fact, the quality is so good it's often used in clinics. Milk Vetch Root Extract provides sallow, lifeless skin with a wealth of nutrition that helps revive your complexion. 


Second, the Balancing Gel’s texture is unique. Still we managed to find a similar product so let’s get comparing!


3. Pyunkang Yul Balancing Gel vs. Brand A Balancing Gel

A. Let’s compare the basics of these two products:


Pyunkang Yul’s balancing gel is far more affordable. But the effectiveness of the product is more important than the price right? So, let’s take a deeper look at these two items!


C. First, the texture:


Both products appear to have a similar honey-like texture.

D. Second, its application

The bumpy texture of Pyunkang Yul’s Balancing Cream aggregates to form larger particles. This occurs due to the Hwanggi extract that causes moisture to clump together. Gently working it into your skin will provide intense hydration to your skin. 

How to use Pyunkang Yul’s balancing gel


Using the heat from your hands spread the gel across your skin in a thin layer.


Brand A is brown in color and possesses a similar, lumpy texture to Pyunkang Yul’s balancing cream. To compare, the first seems to provide both hydration and oil whereas the later concentrates on the provision of moisture. 

E. Finish

Due to its sticky texture, most expect the finish to be sticky. Let’s see if that’s the case!


After application, the gel was patted into the skin for about 20 seconds to ensure perfect absorption. Paper was then gently pressed into the skin to test the stickiness of the product. The result? Though both formed a film to prevent the evaporation of moisture, the finish was dewy and not tacky.

F. Moisture Content



So what about the moisture content? 

Both Brand A and Pyunkang Yul appear to have the same oil index. On the other hand, despite the impressive moisture index of Brand A’s product, Pyunkang Yul boasts a higher value. Nonetheless, both products are excellent at quenching your skin’s thirst.

G. Ingredients


Interested in the cosmetics diet? Then this part will be the most important for you! 

We’ve all tried a lot of products (we know you have too!) but it goes without saying that ingredients are key to finding that must-have / must-keep item. Keeping in line with this, Pyunkang Yul has boldy removed all non-essential components; this can be seen in their total ingredient count which is a mere 7! Within these, 3 are classed as 1st grade, 1 as 2nd grade and 3 as 3rd grade – a testament to the healthiness of the components!

On the other hand, Brand A’s product is comprised of 21 ingredients, 14 of which are classed as 1st grade, 5 as 3rd grade and 2 as 4th grade. Note, for those of you who are sensitive to penoxyethanol or essential oils, you may have to be careful when selecting your skincare gels!

So, let’s summarize what we’ve covered so far!


4. Quick Tip


For those of you who feel your skin gets dry shortly after following your skincare routine, we recommend this step! Add a few drops of oil to the balancing gel, mix and gently apply. This will not only ensure a smother, easier application but it will also quench your skin’s thirst and provide nutrition. 


Don’t worry if mixing an oil and your balancing gel results in a mixture that looks like the one above (cloudy)! It’s a natural outcome that occurs when the ingredients of the two products combine. Usually, an extra component is added to prevent this phenomenon but, as less is more, Pyunkang Yul chose to omit this unnecessary element. 

In fact, removing this ingredient ensures that your oil is better able to create and hold the moisture film for a greater outcome. Just remember to mix and blend well!

And for those of you who want to know how to use the oil and gel separately, here’s how.


After the gel, apply 2~3 drops of oil and gently press it into your skin using the heat from your hands. The results should be the same irrespective of whether you choose to mix or use the products separately. 


5. Summary

Pyunkang Yuls’ Balancing Gel is also great as a sleeping mask! When using as part of your night time skincare routine, apply well, sleep and wash off in the morning. You should notice a change when applying your makeup! 


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