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  [Blog] Write Review & Earn Reward Points
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2019-05-24 13:48:46     View : 2585    



Write review & earn additional points!


Did you know that there is STYLEKOREAN points which you get earn and use for shopping?


Beside from purchase points, you can earn this points by review your item.

Check out for how to write a review for additional benefits.




1. Make an order on STYLEKOREAN to enjoy all the k-beauty items!

2. Check if your order is already delivered.

    You can change the order status as "COMPLETE" on the MY ACCOUNT page once you receive the order on      your hands or there will be automatic change after 3weeks from your purchased date.

    **Notice: Be aware that you cannot change the order status anymore once you change the status as "COMPLETE"

   STYLEKOREAN is not responsible for any issue due to the status change.

3. Now you can freely write a review for any of the item on your previous order.

4. Earn 0.5 USD point/item for text review & 1 USD point/item for photo review.

5. You can use your reward points on your next order just like actual money.

    **1 USD point=1 USD



Hope you enjoy more about STYLEKOREAN!



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chickenpox12@yahoo.com's comment

chi...@yahoo.c 0 Recommend

So I write review and picture, how much i get

ziggy@allaboutze.com's comment

zig...@allaboutze.com 0 Recommend

Thanks for this Style Korean.  I love getting points, and then cashing them in for some amazing products i want to splurge on. I love how you have added the age and skin concern buttons, so we can specify.  Will you be showing these soon?  Because most of the time, i look for comments within my age and skin concern group.

ziggy@allaboutze.com's comment

zig...@allaboutze.com Reply Reply 0 Recommend

You get 0.50 points, which is equal to 0.50$ for each comment, and if you add a picture, you can get  1 point or 1.00$.  IF you are the first person to comment, then you get 2 points, equaling 2.00$  It's in your "My Account" section, under "wallet" !!!