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  [K.Beauty Story] Brand Story; BARULAB
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2019-02-01 13:00:00     View : 4144    
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20 years of experience, 20 years of expertise.


The story of BARULABs products is one centered in our deep care for and dedication to our customers. 

Beginning in 2002 with the launch of Koreas first beauty anti-aging center FARBE, 

our brand has garnered unrivaled know-how through procedures and treatment 

on an average of 900 customers per month, totaling over 100.000 customers over 17 years

There is nothing experimental about our products we know it works.




Clinically designed to protect & repair.


Our BARUSOL line is clinically designed to repair and protect the skin. 

The products use zero EWG Caution Ingredients and zero fragrances


By removing harmful factors and focusing on nourishing ingredients 

like DEFENCIL-PLUS we can ensure that our products 

are compatible even with very sensitive skin.



Start fresh with a clean skin canvas.

Our surroundings take their toll on our skin pollution leads to uneven skin tone, 

breakouts and clogging of the pores, and skin subjected to city life can seem dull and lifeless. 

Applying even the most expensive creams will do nothing for your skin in this state  

all that dirt prevents the nourishing benefits from effectively penetrating the skin!

At BARULAB we believe that you have to start with a clean skin canvas 

to get the best results from your skincare routine. 

That’s why we developed our 7 in 1 Solution Black Clay Mask

which has become a best-selling item in China and Korea.





Our hit Black Clay Mask gently removes dead skin cells and waste in the skin, 

preparing your skin to receive all the nutrition from your favorite skincare products, 

and is the first step towards returning liveliness and brightness to your skin! 

If you’re troubled by dead skin cells, excess sebum, blackheads, 

and impurities this is the product for you! 



The Black Clay Mask is made with French clay, charcoal and volcanic ash 

to remove impurities while nourishing the skin! 

The mask gently removes impurities leaving you with a refreshed, bright complexion. 


The special formulation also gives a lifting effect to your face! 



You’ll notice the difference immediately after use.

The mask has two parts, 

one for the top of the face and one for the bottom, 

for smoother applicability and better fit regardless of facial size. 




How to use.



1. Prep your face with toner before applying the mask.


2. Starting with the top half, 

removing the clear plastic film 

and applying the mask to your skin.


3. Next, remove the white plastic film 

and gently press the mask against your skin.


4. Pay special attention around areas 

such as the nose to ensure full coverage. 

Repeat the steps with the bottom half of the mask.


5. Ideally, leave the mask on for 30 to 40 minutes 

or until it is dry and stiff.


6. Remove the mask by gently lifting off the skin 

at the sides of your face, and moving slowly towards 

the center until the mask is completely removed.


7. After removing the mask, 

gently cleanse your face with water.


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