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  [K.Beauty Story] Brand Story; BY ECOM
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2019-01-31 11:30:00     View : 2884    
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"The idea of making a product that I would use for my whole life


was to launch by the company."


Hello, I am Yeon Jung Mi, the representative of BY ECOM.


As a beauty creator for many years,


I've been using a variety of different products,


but It's still not easy to find a perfect product.



I wanted to make my brand. If I melted my experience and taste,


I was confident that I could make a product that would satisfy me


more than imported cosmetics.







And I also always had problems with my skin and

started selling on a small scale for someone who had

the same worries.


The biggest reason I started selling cosmetics is that many

cosmetics brands were busy taking advantage of their immediate profits

rather than products quality. 

So, we want to work with consumers to lead 

the right cosmetics market.







Even after launching BY ECOM, I also tested and tried to find a

good product every day. It was also rewarding to get good

feedback on the product.


Even now, I’m working hard to develop

products that focus on skin self-reliance as an influential

beauty creator and as a representative of BY ECOM.





We believe in the power of good ingredients.

In 2017, BY ECOM started to become known as 'SNS Hot Item',

starting with two ampoules created by CEO Yeon Jung-mi.


She is a famous beauty creator in Korea. So, she has used countless products! 

But she wanted to develop cosmetics that she could trust and use. 


So she started by launching BY ECOM.







BY ECOM was promoted naturally through word-of-mouth.


We've been expanding our business, and we've been

focusing on high-quality raw materials and reliable.



BY ECOM doesn't seek rapid change. 


We pursue the healthy beauty of the skin 

by using only harmless safety ingredients.







We still think communication with consumers is the most important thing. 

Because our goal is to become a brand that helps consumers solve their skin problems.


And from now on we want to make honest products that communicate and think only about skin.  

We will work hard to manufacture the product until the quality was satisfactory.





BY ECOM Pure Calming Ampoule is our best product.

The first ampoule calming skin quickly with high-content humectant ingredients 

and various kinds of botanical extracts.




Product Features

1) Quick Absorption and Fresh sense After use

Oily and troubled skin should need is immediate replenishment of moisture


2) Put all the Good Ingredients

From centella asiatica extracts, portulaca extracts and chamomile extracts 

to high-quality reproductive ingredient EGF that costs 10,000 USD per gram


3) Good Ingredients, Safe Prescription

All the ingredients in EWG green level, 0.000 non-stimulating result of skin irritation test


4) Hyaluronic Acid & Micropeptide

By enhancing water shield, it makes horny layer flexible




BY ECOM Honey Glow Ampoule is our key product.

It is a Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule.

3-in-one functional ampoule making honey glow skin texture 

and filling moisture elasticity deep into the skin instantly.




Product Features

1) Moisture Elasticity Care with Vitalizing Collagen

Blackberry collagen complex fills moisture elasticity into the skin 

by vitalizing collagen and elastin fibers.


2) Put all the Good ingredients

Propolis, royal jelly and honey extracts that are highly effective 

on antioxidative effect prevents skin aging and completes baby face skin texture.


3) Good Ingredients, Safe Prescription

All the ingredients in EWG green level, 0.000 non-stimulating result of skin irritation test


4) Honey Glow Skin Moistured From the Inside

Immediate solution of skin dryness by water jell fitting system.





BY ECOM PURE CALMING FIRST WATER is non-stimulating Slight Acidic Glass Bead Toner. 

The slight acidic first water balancing the pH after washing face by calming 

and regenerating the sensitive skin quickly. It contains 97% natural organic compounds 

and EGF components for soothing and moisturizing effects.




Product Features

1) pH 5.36 Slight Acidic Toner with Minimum Ingredients

Slight acidic mild toner that maintains healthy skin pH with minimum ingredients 

for skin calming and moisturizing.


2) Moisturizing Effect of the Glacial water

80% pure glacial water contained (instead of purified water) that has rich minerals 

and adds brilliance filled from the inside of the skin. 97% natural ingredients contained.


3) Good Ingredients, Safe Prescriptions

All the ingredients in EWG green level, Non-pigmented, non-flavored, non-alcoholic, 

0.000 non-stimulating result of skin irritation test.


4) Hypoallergenic System+Multi Care

Delivering moisture to horny and sensitive skin comfortably without stimulation.





BY ECOM Honey Glow Mist is the latest new product to be released. 

Dewy moisturizing glow mist delivers honey glow skins as soon as it is sprayed 

filling moisture and elasticity from the root of the skin.




Product Features

1) Honey glow effect with the base of honey extract and 78% of vitamin tree water

As soon as it is sprayed with vitamin tree water and honey extract, 

it fills moisture and elasticity from root of skin.


2) Dewy moisturizing & hydration

long lasting with various plant extracts

It contains about 20 plant extracts that are helpful to the skin, such as licorice root extract, 

Indian neem leaf extract, and hydrolyzed collagen, etc., to maintain the moisture easily evaporated 

for a long time and provide moisturizing and nourishing.


3) Low pH base that matches the skin's pH

It is developed with low pH formula which is perfect for balancing the pH of the skin, 

and it is non-irritating even for sensitive skin, so it can be sprayed at any time regardless of time or place.






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I was chosen in the try me review me event of StyleKorean and By Ecom. I'm so glad to have the chancce to try this brand. It's greatly helping me recover my skin.