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  [Review by You] Blithe Anti-Polluaging Himalayan Pink Salt Cleansing Water
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[REVIEW] Blithe Anti-Polluaging Himalayan Pink Salt Cleansing Water


”An essence-like cleansing water that effectively sweeps away makeup”



☆ More about the product ☆

Product name │Blithe Anti-polluagin Himalayan Pink Salt Cleansing Water


Category│Cleansing water


What it claims to do │  It claims to be able to remove dirt, oil and makeup leaving a clean, clear and radiant skin. It also contains 44% mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt and ten botanical extracts which leaves the skin well hydrated and refreshed.



How to use │ Apply the cleansing water to a cotton pad and sweep it gently across the entire face in an outward motion. Do not use it around your eyes as it will sting your eyes!



☆ Main Ingredients ☆






☆ Experience ☆


Frequency │ Twice a day as your first cleanser. I love to use this product particularly in the morning for a quick cleanse that doesn’t dry up my skin further.


Texture │ It has a essence like texture, slightly thicker than water. Definitely feels more soothing and moisturizing compared to other cleansing waters eg.Garnier’s cleansing water.


Smell │ Smells like grapefruit juice! Really refreshing and not overpowering at all! *not sure how long the smell lasts on skin as I usually follow up straightaway with my next skincare step.*



☆ Personal Review ☆


Overall, I think that this is a decent product. My first impression was that the packaging was really nice and it smells really good too ! Love the gradient pink look. I have been using this product in the morning as my first step cleanser to wipe away any build-ups throughout the night or to remove any sleeping masks. After using the product, it leaves my skin feeling refreshed well-hydrated and ready to absorb my next skincare step. The only thing I couldn’t tolerate would be the product actually stung my eyes. So please do not use it anywhere near your eyes! Also, I never really had the habit to use cleansing water in my routine, I still enjoyed using a cleansing balm and then a gel cleanser for a thorough cleanse. Although I enjoyed this product I don’t think I would repurchase as I do not see this as a necessity in my routine. I don’t wash my face in the morning usually anyway. 


Therefore, I recommend this product to anyone that are willing to spend, usually uses a cleansing water in their routine or would like to try a cleansing water that have added skincare benefits in it and leaves the skin feeling well hydrated. 





☆ Quick and easy way to cleanse the skin without needing to wash with water

☆ Skin feels well moisturized and refreshed after usage

☆ Contains plenty of botanical extracts that packed with antioxidant goodness 

☆ Does not contain parabens, mineral oils, sulfates

☆ Removes make up pretty good

☆ Does not leave residues on the skin

☆ Removes waterproof eyeliner *I have tested it on my Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner- on my hands and removed it really well- definitely don’t use this product around the eyes!



☆ Sting the eyes thus can’t be used as an eye makeup remover

☆ Pretty expensive – many other cheaper cleansing water options

☆ Prefers using a cleansing balm over cleansing water




Read full review here: http://thethinkingting.com/product-review-blithe-anti-polluaging-himalayan-pink-salt-cleansing-water/


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