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  [K.Beauty Story] Abib : Absorption is what matters.
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-03-14 16:22:04     View : 4889    
  Link : (615)

What good is it, if it only moisturizes?

Absorption is what matters.


Abib Wins Healty & Beauty Awards by OliveShire, Korea's Largest Cosmetic MultI-shop, in 2017!

Today, a simple, elegant design logo will introduce an attractive Abib product!

Although it is a good ingredient, it is very important to absorb it well.

All of Abib's products are fully absorbed as soon as they are applied.

Let me introduce you some representative items of Abib in Style Korean.

Abib's bestseller, Three types of gummy sheet mask!




It's a product that sticks to your face like a gum.

That makes the nutrients in the mask absorb well on the face.


a. If you need an emergency soothing skin, an Heartleaf sticker


b. If you want to regenerate damaged skin, you can go to a madecassoside sticker.




c. If your skin needs emergency nutrition, we recommend a milk sticker.




Have you ever met a cushion that blocks all dust, dust, heavy metals, and even cigarette smoke?


The Abib cushion not only compensates our skin beautifully, but it also protects our skin from the harmful external environment with its Osmoper ingredient, which forms a thin skin shield.

Because it is moist cushion, it spreads with moisture, and it comes in close contact without pores and pores.





Abib soap can be selected according to the skin type and skin condition.



Black is effective in controlling the production and secretion of sebum, helping oily skin and pores care.
Pink is effective for cleansing and calming your skin, which helps with sensitive skin.


Ivory contains milk that helps the skin to be more complex, while Brown helps the skin's moisturizing and dry times.

Gray helps skin problems and is suitable for sensitive skin.


Abib soap is made by hand 100 % and is made from natural ingredients.

Just put the soap in a net, let it bubble up, and use it.




Lastly, the representative item of Abib, Hypoderma SP1-2 GFEC.

The most important item in the anti - aging is Seum, right?

Here are some of the best Abib-Seems for aging.





EGF and FGF, the main components of the Abib Serum, are important ingredients that prevent wrinkles in the outer and inner skin.

Abib Serrum has both ingredients that help prevent wrinkles and make the skin age better.

Abib Serum is a non-greasy, penetrating, instantly moisturizing treatment.


Do you know that anti-aging should be managed from the 20's?

Try the Abib Serum.


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