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  [K.Beauty Story] Battle of Sleeping Packs
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Battle of Sleeping Packs

When your skin condition is getting worse, sleeping mask is always there for rescue. It’s a great way to intensely hydrate your skin as you slumber the night away. Top of that, sleeping masks are only used once or twice a week and at that time you don’t need to apply your moisturize. A dehydrated skin means that your skin lacks of water not oil! Please make sure you guys understand your skin condition. Just because you have an oily skin, it does not mean that it’s impossible for you to have a dehydrated skin. A good sleep + sleeping mask? Why not?



[Laneige; Commleaf; Rovectin; COSRX; Dr.Jart+]


A lot of people think that applying sleeping mask will be a mess, since well. Not everyone sleep still. (I’m not) But, they absorb into the skin pretty quick so you didn’t need to worry about ‘em at all. 

The revitalizing effects are really addicting and it also make your skin feel soft, supple, and brighter looking in the morning.



Dr. Jart+:​ Dr. Jart, first made in Seoul, Korea by young dermatologist, Dr. SungJae Jung. In 2004,their BB cream start getting more recognition not only in Korea, but US market as well. Recently, they are really popular with their rubber mask. So, why don't we look to their sleeping mask? 

COSRX:​ Bet everyone here knows about COSRX. They have many lines for different skin types, but their most popular lines are acne-care and skin repairing. Lots of people are raving about their sleeping mask, let's see if it's worth the hype!

ROVECTIN:​ Compare to other brands that we are going to talk today, Rovectin might be the less known but it doesn't mean it's less amazing. This brand is created for people who has severe skin barrier damage, chemotherapy patients, and dermatitis sufferers. They have healthy and clean ingredients that even pregnant and breast-feeding woman can uses their product without any worry. 


LANEIGE:​ Well, their sleeping mask probably one of the "all time favorite overnight mask". I can say, Laneige's water Sleeping Mask is the earliest sleeping pack to hit the K-beauty Market. And while some products doesn't work as they claim to, Laneige really set up their game! They never disappointing

COMMLEAF:​ This one also probably new in K-beauty world. But well, it's always time to try something new, no? The main purpose of this brand is to soothe the skin of people with the substances of the clear nature as their skin is fatigued from environment. And their sleeping mask is one of their best selling product, so let's give it a try, shall we?








 Price: USD 30.60

Price: USD 18.70

Price: USD 36.38

Price: USD 42.37

Price: USD 22.00

 Volume: 120ml

Volume: 60ml

Volume: 80ml

Volume: 70ml

Volume: 50ml





Dr. Jart+; Firming Sleeping Mask


- Recommend for dry skin

- Helps to improve skin elasticity

- Helps to smooth out skin texture

- Night Magnet Technology: makes the condition of the skin better overnight and offer healthier skin

- Bio-peptide Complex: Smooth out skin texture and cares elasticity to make skin stronger

- Double Firming Complex: Coenzyme Q10 x Beta-Glucan create the synergy effect to maintain and improve skin elasticity for the lifted and firmed skin appearance

- Dermatologist test


COSRX; Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask

- Recommend for Normal/ Dry Skin/ Dehydrated Skin
- Helps to refines texture
- Helps to brightens skin


- Provides intensive nourishment and deep moisturization
- Contains Fiber, Vitamin B2, B1, B6, Linolenic Acid, Mineral, Niacinamide
- Can be used as sleeping mask, wash mask, and cream
- Enriched with more than 68% of rice extract 
- Cruelty Free Brand 
- Here's the CosDNA breakdown of this sleeping mask. Everything has a low safety rating, and three ingredients (butylene glycol, dimethicone, and cetearyl alcohol) have a comedogenic rating of 1 or 2 (0 being the lowest.) All three are common ingredients so unless you have specific allergies to any of these, I would say this mask is safe to use, even if you have sensitive skin!
* Rice extract can cause potential allergic reaction. 

ROVECTIN; Cica Care Sleeping Pack

- Recommend for dry skin and troubled skin
- Contains Centella Asiatica Extract
- Helps repair damaged skin while leaving skin looks more supple, glowy, and healthy
- Includes Glycerin that hydrates sensitive skin while strengthening the barrier of the skim
- Skin irritation test completed
- Free from Paraben, mineral Oil, steroid


Laneige; Water Sleeping Mask

- Recommend for oily skin/ fungal acne
- Contains Apricot and Chestnut extract, which help to brighten and settle a dull skin
- Helps to hydrated and moisturizes the skin
- Helps the skin look refresh, not fatigued, even-though you didn't get solid eight hour of shut-eye! 

Commleaf; Rose Sleeping Mask

- Recommend for dry, troubled, and sensitive skin
- Uses 100% rose extract water and 70% rose ingredient in total
- Both rose extracts and ingredients effective for skin soothing, hydration, vitalize skin
- Whitening function for bright skin and anti-wrinkle function for firm skin
- Leaves the skin feeling super hydrated and delivers cooling effect for some times after application



- COSRX; Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Sleeping Mask
​A smooth white cream with a faint of starchy scent. It slides easily on skin but it does takes few minutes before the products absorb into your skin if you apply it in thick layers.

- Rovectin; Cica Care Sleeping Pack
A gel-like type. Has balmy consistency and quiet thick. 

- Commleaf; Rose Sleeping Mask
It has jelly texture and has red/ pinkish in color and has tiny little rose pieces in the products and smells like rose

- Laneige; Water Sleeping Mask
​It has a very thick and gel-like consistency yet absorb really fast into the skin. 

Dr. Jart+; Firming Sleeping Mask
The texture is quite thick and it does take a long time to absorb into the skin 


[LANEIGE] Water Sleeping Mask
​It can be uses for all skin types but recommend more for oily skin and people who has problem with  fungal acne
[COMMLEAF] Rose Sleeping Mask
​It's recommend for dry, troubled, and sensitive skin.​ It contains 70% of rose ingredients which is really great for people who seeks moisturize and hydration.


​[ROVECTIN] Cica Care Sleeping Pack
​It's recommend for dry skin and troubled skin.​ Not forget since it contains entella Asiatica Extract. Safe even for pregnant and breast-feeding woman.






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jxcelle@gmail.com's comment

jxc...@gmail.com 1 Recommend

Too bad Dr.Jart+ and LANEIGE isn't cruelty-free :/ I hope you add COSRX Overnight Moisturizing Honey Mask, Low pH BHA Overnight Mask and Huxley Sleep Mask Good Night

Stylekorean's comment

admin Reply Reply 0 Recommend

We believed that we did a review of Huxley sleeping mask before! :)

mayara.ribeiro@live.com's comment

may...@live. 1 Recommend

I would love to try and review on my Youtube Channel! Brazilian people is getting more interessed by korean cosmetics each day! Please give me an opportunity?!

maryllee611@gmail.com's comment

mar...@gmail.co 1 Recommend

Omg! I wanna try all these amazing sleeping masks because I BADLY NEED THEMMM

elisa88_van@yahoo.ca's comment

eli...@yahoo.ca 1 Recommend

Among these sleeping mask,I have only tried the LANEIGE one.would definitely love to get the opportunity to gives these products a try and give a review of my own experience.

r.baranowska94@gmail.com's comment

r.b...@gmail 1 Recommend

It would be lovely to try those sleeping masks. I am very curious about the Rovectin and Commleaf ones as those are the new brands.

Stylekorean's comment

admin Reply Reply 0 Recommend

Both of them are really great! You should try! :)

mkdf1989@gmail.com's comment

mkd...@gmail.com 0 Recommend

Laneige sleeping mask was my favorite until I found out that they are not cruelty-free. :( The Comm Leaf Rose Sleeping Mask looks promising. I love their Rose Mist.

silvie.cauchi@gmail.com's comment

sil...@gmail. 0 Recommend

Eeehm, what? What's with the conclusion, it's just a recap of what it's used for. Are they good, bad? I don't know. How about the Cosrx?