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  [Review by You] ELROEL Pang Pang Big Sun Cushion!
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-08-23 13:58:08     View : 4233    
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乙女のトキメキ[ELROEL] Pang Pang Big Sun Cushion乙女のトキメキ


Recently, big cushion become a trend in Korea. Elrorel is one of the brand that carried big cushion with their own uniqueness and honestly speaking, I personally really like their cushion! It’s really popular in Korean home shopping and lots of Korean youtubers hyping about this!太陽


One of the most popular one is “Pang Pang Big Sun Cushion” SPF50+PA+++. Not only protect your from UV it also has a tone up function太陽



Sunscreen is one of the most important part on skincare! Never ever go out without sunscreen. And since we need to keep touch up our sunscreen every 4 hour hours, this cushion would be a big help!





Rather than a stick and cream type, I think this cushion type is the best for touch up. It’s the most comfortable. It has 2 size, the big size and mini size! So you can choose which one you are more comfortable to carry aroundニコニコ



Their ingredients itself are great. They contains 0% of purified water. Since they have aloe vera extract it has soothing effect. Moreover, it has 7 kinds of tea extract with cooling effect to help lower your skin temperature. And did you see the yellow sun’s pattern? It filled with 5 vitamins! They helps to revitalize and restore skin damage by ultraviolet rays乙女のトキメキ





Now let’s talk about their size! The puff is 7.3 centimeters and the mirror has diameter of 9 cm! It’s so big!!! It contains 25g.





It blend into my skin nicely without any sticky feeling. It’s moisturizing and cooling! It also said that it will keep your skin moisturize for 30 hours!





You can apply it on your body as well!お願い  





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