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  [Review by You] All About D'Alba & Skin Gourmet (Part 1)
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-08-17 10:36:47     View : 2951    
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Review: All About D'Alba & Skin Gourmet (Part 1)


D’Alba is the brand that brings you “Skin Gourmet”. Free of artificial preservatives, colorants and fragrances, D’Alba strives to use innovative ingredients such as white truffles (sourced directly from Italy) to treat your skin in the most luxurious way possible.


So today, we’ll be borrowing the words of 4 different beauty bloggers who’ll be sharing their no-secrets-barred, honest reviews on a couple of D’Alba’s most popular items. 




First off is their most famous product, the “White Truffle Mist” Serum.


" I’ve seen this mist countless times posted all over social media so I’ve been dying to try it!"

" It's known as the "Stewardess Mist" thanks to the fact that it's the IT item amongst those in the aforementioned profession. They say it works wonders against the dry air in airplane cabins."


“I love how hand-dandy this mist is! It acts as a toner + facial oil + serum so I can easily incorporate it into my skincare routine AND  spritz it over my makeup whenever I need a pick me up."

"Oh! BTW because of the oil layer, you need to give it a good shake before use.”


“In summer, if you want something light, you can choose to use just the mist and nothing else! The avocado oil and white truffle serum layer help moisturize your skin and ensure there's no dryness. Plus, the oil helps form a barrier that prevents the loss of moisture. All in all, this mist will help your skin glow!".



Next up is the D’Alba Fantastic Waterfull Spray Mask


“ We're all so used to mask sheets or wash off packs so this spray on type was a novelty! It's so easy to use! All you need to do is spritz in the evening, pat to absorb and you're done."


" Can you see the difference it's made? The white truffle extract helped brighten up my complexion and has left my skin feeling plumper and more youthful. Plus, the Sunflower Seed Oil hydrates and prevents the loss of moisture."


“Despite its name, the “Fantastic Waterfull Spray Mask” can also be used as a serum. Instead of lightly spritzing it as a mist / mask, just bring the bottle closer and spray for a more concentrated application. This gives an intense moisturizing effect - but don't worry there's no tackiness whatsoever!"



D’Alba Waterful Essence Sun Cream


" This sun cream consists of 3 functionalities: Brightening + Anti-Aging + UV protection (SPF50+, PA++++) It's the go-to product of many makeup artists thanks to the fact that it's light, absorbs well and can easily be layered under and above makeup."


" The Waterfull Essence Sun Cream is comprised of White Truffles and Wine Extract for an intense nourishing effect. It also contains aqua particles that burst upon skin contact to release a wealth of hydration to keep your skin moisturized and refreshed at all times."


" I love how well this cream absorbs without a white cast and stickiness. It's perfect for all 4 seasons!"





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1 comments's comment 1 Recommend

Wow! Almost poreless skin and the sun cream sounds nice, I like lightweight/essence type SPF since it's very humid where I live.