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  [Review by You] Secret Muse Himiznohana Cover Pact SPF 50+ / PA +++
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-08-10 13:50:46     View : 7939    
  Link : (948)

REVIEW: Secret Muse Himiznohana Cover Pact SPF 50+ / PA +++


I did it again! I bought another sun and foundation cushion. I couldn’t help it! They were just so pretty!


So here we are! Back with another review. But since we have two products, let’s make this a two part review. First off, introducing the Himiznohana Cover Pact by Secret Muse!



It’s the King of Korean home shopping and ends up selling out all the time which is why I’m so excited to finally get my hands on it!


This pact is famous for being a “King Sized” cushion – seriously I've compared it with several different brands and this one was down right  MASSIVE! Which means, it’s so much easier to apply in the morning. A couple of pats with the hand sized puff and you’re ready to go! 



And did I mention? The puff is tear dropped shaped so it makes it easier to work around your eyes and nose. 

Big = more product = cost effective (yay!)


The Secret Muse Pact is particular popular in Japan, thanks to their muse / model Yano Shiho and her adorable daughter Sarang. Hence it's nickname the #SHIHOPACT. But lately it’s been getting a lot of attention in Korea too.

Which makes sense as the pact combines a lot of elements. It not only acts as an essence and primer but also nourishes and protects the skin. Those swirls are evidence of all the goodness mixed into it ♡


The texture is different from other cushions. It’s a lot richer and more densely packed. That's not to say that it's drying.


In fact, it's perfect for the humid summer months!
 The cushion also offers a slight tone up effect making your skin look more radiant than normal.


The coverage of this cushion is awesome. I have a lot of sun spots and freckles which I struggle to cover up but this one manages to do so without needing extra concealer. 


That said and done. I would probably avoid using the cushion in winter as it's still a little drier than other mochi type cushions. 


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