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  [K.Beauty Story] BENTON; Snail Bee Ultimate Serum★☆
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-08-03 16:15:08     View : 3388    
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Hello our lovely Stylekorean fam! #nyaww 乙女のトキメキ​​​​​​​​ So, it's not a secret anymore that our #stylekorean staff are loving ラブラブBENTONラブラブ​ products! and by the fact new product is coming, we are really excited to share every bits and pieces about their latest product, "SNAIL BEE ULTIMATE SERUM"



くるくる Snail Bee Ultimate Serum is made by grape-derived yeast fermenting snail mucus filtrate with excellent skin regeneration effect. It contains 70% of Saccharomyces/Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate and excellent bee venom for skin aging. Provides protection, elasticity, nutrition, and trouble management.

くるくる​​​​​​​​ Botanical ingredients such as tea tree leaf and green tea water alleviate skin stress and help to manage the troubles of troublesome skin. 

イエローハート It’s a dual function and multi care serum that help with whitening and wrinkle improvement while managing skin troubles and moisturizing troubles skin. 

イエローハート​​​​​​​​ No added controversial ingredients such as artificial fragrance, volatile alcohol, and phytonutrients, and its made from natural ingredients and has low pH, which relieves the burden and stress of the skin.



てへぺろI love the packaging thoドキドキ​​​​​​​



Now, let's talk more about their main ingredients details!(ã¿ã¤ãã«ãªã) ã®çµµæå­

ダイヤグリーンYeast / snail mucus filtrate Fermentation filtrateダイヤグリーン 

The snail is known to have the ability to heal quickly when a wound is present in its shell, which includes mucin, allantoin, collagen and elastin. This helps to moisturize (mucin) and improve sebum balance (trouble prevention / glycoconjugate), elasticity (collagen and elastin), regeneration (allantoin). The yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) acts on skin oxidative stress, and it has the effect of cleansing the skin. It increases the density of nutrients through fermentation with snail mucus filtrate. , Skin regeneration and elasticity, is more effective in managing troubles.

むらさき音符Tea tree leafむらさき音符​​​​​​​

Tea tree leaf used for a variety of folk remedies among Aboriginal people for a long time has been used as an anti-infectious agent and has excellent sedative effect and deodorizing function. The skin has various benefits such as hydration, skin convergence and protection, distress management as well as calming skin.

くるくるNiacinamide and Adenosineルンルン​​​​​​​

Functional Ingredients that helps to manage whitening and improve wrinkles(ã¿ã¤ãã«ãªã) ã®çµµæå­(ã¿ã¤ãã«ãªã) ã®çµµæå­(ã¿ã¤ãã«ãªã) ã®çµµæå­(ã¿ã¤ãã«ãªã) ã®çµµæå­




HOW TO USE?(ã¿ã¤ãã«ãªã) ã®çµµæå­(ã¿ã¤ãã«ãªã) ã®çµµæå­

1) After cleansing, make skin texture using skin or toner

2) Take an appropriate amount of the contents with a syringe and apply directly to the face such as balls, nose, chin, forehead, etc., or apply 3-4 drops to clean hands

3) Lightly tap the applied serum on the skin to completely absorb and then proceed to the next step


Get yours now! (ã¿ã¤ãã«ãªã) ã®çµµæå­ Bye! 



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