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  [Review by You] Troiareuke Aesthetic Start Kit [Best Review By GohForit!]
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-08-03 10:46:02     View : 2475    
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REVIEW: Troiareuke Aesthetic Start Kit 

☆ Best Review By GohForit!☆



It's that time again! We've picked the BEST review from our Try Me; Review Me Troiareuke event and we're ready to share it with you! Are you ready? (BTW can we all take a moment to appreciate the pictures? They're gorgeous)!






Stylekorean has an amazing event called ‘Try Me, Review Me’ where people all over the world can apply to try certain products and review them! I am one of the lucky few who got to try out the Troiareuke Aesthetic Start Kit! For those of you who are into K-Beauty, you would know that Troiareuke is known for amazing products that target against acne, acne scars and healing your skin! Their products, albeit on the pricey side, are known for amazing results!


I have a small history with Troiareuke, where I attended Joan and Eddy’s Meet and Greet before, and I was actually the volunteer who got to try out their products! And right after the mini spa session with Troiareuke, the people there immediately said my skin got more radiant and looking even better than before! So I got off to a great start with Troiareuke! Let’s look at what’s inside the box shall we?





In the Troiareuke Aesthetic Start Kit, we have 4 very travel friendly sized items! I shall review them 1 by 1 in detail, so it’ll be great for those of you who are thinking of which item to try! Also, I added links of the ingredients of the products, so feel free to take a look at the potential acne triggers etc.



First up, the ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing.


Cleansing is an important, if not the most important step in a skincare routine. No matter how many steps your skincare routine have, cleansing is always included! So definitely, a great cleanser is the way to start your routine! The ACSEN (short for Acne + Sensitive) Oil Cut Cleansing is one of the most interesting cleansers I have ever tried. It’s somewhere between a oil cleanser and a gel cleanser?? But it does not contain any oils and it does not feel like a gel cleanser…. (whuuuut)


It almost feels like a clear gel, something you would use as an essence? I was like, is this even able to clean my skin?? But boy was I wrong, the cleanser cleans thoroughly, and does not strip your skin of moisture after cleansing aka. no tight feeling after.


I think Edward Avila once said he uses this twice, because, double cleansing! Once to remove the makeup, and another once to cleanse the skin. So you can count on this product to remove your sunscreen/makeup! (Although I would suggest you properly remove your strong makeup before cleansing)


One thing I would say is that this cleanser could require some time getting used to. Especially if you’re a fan of foam/gel cleansers, you would definitely not get used to this the first time round. But as you keep using it, you’ll get used to it! It really feels like a home spa experience!







Next up, the Troiareuke Skin Complex Formula and Anti-Trouble Formula Ampoule.





This is my favourite combo in this Aesthetic Start Kit!! Out of the 4 items in the box, I reach out for this the most.


How this works is you mix the ampoule into the skin complex formula bottle and use it like a toner! Troiareuke offers a total of 4 different ampoules to target different concerns. Green – anti trouble formula, Red – cell repair formula, Yellow – Mela C formula, Blue – Akne C formula. Also, by mixing and matching with the right smart ampoules from Troiareuke, they can create custom healing cocktails to address the needs of a person’s skin each day.


This combination is well known as the healing cocktail formula, which I think is a super cool concept! A toner that is specific for your skin condition!


After showering/washing my face, I spray this on my face directly! It feels very refreshing and cooling and to be honest, I don’t use the cleanser and the cream daily, but this! I have been using everyday in my skincare routine, and I feel like it has made a difference in my skin! It feels more resilient, less red and healthier in general!


This is definitely my favourite product in the kit, and I definitely recommend getting the skin complex formula + ampoule set! I wish the mist nozzle could be a bit more gentler though, then, this product would be perfect!






Lastly, the ACSEN Recovery Cream!


This. is. one. powerful. cream.


The ACSEN Recovery Cream has got to be one of the best creams you can count on when you have acne. I had several small acnes that disappeared after application of the recovery cream, and I feel like they did not develop into scars after.


But because this cream is so good, and because of how expensive it is, I feel like it’s a waste to apply it all over my face. Every drop of this is so precious, so I apply it mainly as a spot treatment, and sometimes when I feel generous, over some fresh acne scars to help the healing. Containing some amazing extracts such as Calendula, the cream is known to heal inflammation and promote recovery (hence the name).


It’s also very clever of Troiareuke to package this cream in a tube because this way, it is definitely cleaner and we don’t have to go scooping out the cream in a tub! But the cons of this is, of course, the price. I doubt students can afford something this expensive, but the cream is true to its word, it recovers the skin.








Overall thoughts:


I feel as an aesthetic starter kit, Troiareuke has included the essentials and let you experience what the brand has to offer. From cleansing, to toning and lastly to a cream, Troiareuke has definitely shown it’s prowess of being able to get your acne issues solved! It offers a peek into what they can do for you, how your skin can look good, and even though their products are pricey, the results the products offer will not make you regret your decision.


I would definitely say that this Aesthetic Starter Kit would be a good place to start for anyone who wants to try Troiareuke products, and if you’re confident of the results, I would recommend the Skin Complex Formula + Ampoule Set for those looking to buy full-sized products.


Thank you StyleKorean for an amazing opportunity to try this out! Hope you guys enjoyed this post!





Read full review here: https://gohforit.wordpress.com/2018/07/15/troiareuke-aesthetic-start-kit-review/



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