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  [K.Beauty Story] Brand Story: Olivarrier
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Brand Story: Olivarrier





+ Vision


Our modern lifestyles expose our skin to many environmental and physiological stresses, leading to unnecessary discomfort and anxiety as a result of sensitive skin. By giving our skin the time and attention that it deserves, we can prevent many problems and enjoy healthy skin.

The health of our skin is psychologically, emotionally and physically linked to our overall wellbeing. So its imperative our daily skin routine be different now than before.


Here we give you the right solution. 

It’s Olivarrier.






Oliva + Barrier = Olivarrier


Inspired by olives that have been valued for a long time. We create a safe solution that includes a natural plant ingredient that has been grown in clean soil with an honest mind.


It's an essential solution to restore the skin's natural strength by strengthening its barrier weakened by the rapidly changing environment and irregular lifestyle.






+ Values


*We never test our products on animals and we strive to be nature friendly because we believe in protecting the environment for future generations.


*We use more than 95% of plant material grown via organic farming or collected in nature.


*We don’t include fragrances, dyes, synthetic preservatives, silicone and petrochemicals, GMO, aroma  or oils.


* Our values for the environment are: Safety, Health and Quality.


*Protecting people and the environment, treating our partners fairly, and focusing on the needs of our customers are our core beliefs.


*We therefore not only comply with all laws and commitments but also strive to continuously improve our performance and our products.






+ What we do.



Improve unsatisfactory function of existing natural cosmetics.



Offer a simple skin care routine with minimal ingredients.



Are responsible in the selection and management of ingredients.




+ Reasons to choose Olivarrier.


We guarantee safety not only in the finished product but also in the raw material stage.


* Biological origin of the ingredient


* Presence of chemical preservatives and petrochemicals


* Whether or not GMO is used


* Whether nanomaterials are added


* Extraction process of raw materials and solvent


* Whether animal experimentation


The finished product is tested for up to 24/48/72 hours by Dermatest, the German Institute of Dermatology to once again prove its safety.

In addition, we obtain certification for safety by disclosing all information about the product to the environmental group EWG to allow consumers to make a better choice. 






+ Right moisture.


Clear and simple bottles are filled with customers' wishes.

We promise effective moisturizing for healthy skin, safe ingredients for you and your family. To do this, we completely eliminate chemical ingredients, and provide credibility by obtaining demanding clinical certifications.


Responsible thinking about people and the environment creates the right products. And the right moisturizing products make good skin.






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