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  [K.Beauty Story] Reveiw: NEW! Moonshot Micro Setting Fit Cushion (Lisa Cushion)
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-07-02 11:29:43     View : 13728    
  Link : (669)

Reveiw:  Moonshot Micro Setting Fit Cushion (Lisa Cushion)


Moonshot is back with a new cushion – just in time for Black Pink’s come back! They’ve dubbed this product the “Lisa cushion” otherwise known as the “Micro Setting Fit Cushion”. And we can’t be happier about this (btw who’s your fave member?)






We’re currently accepting pre-orders (#yay!) AND we're topping that with a 30% DC so make sure to check it out below.


But before that! A review is a must – no? (that and we just really, really, really wanted to try this cushion!)


Right off the bat, this cushion is gorgeous – and adorkable! It has an out-of-this-world packaging littered with these adorable little signs that tell you to…

★ Be aware of aliens
★ Be aware of black holes
★ Be aware of space ships

With its holographic cover and sleek black case, this product is pure k-beauty goals.

And it’s not just the cushion that looks amazing. The sponge has also undergone a makeover and now sports a tear dropped shape – perfect for getting to the hard to reach nooks and crannies.



Lisa’s Cushion AKA the Micro Setting Fit Cushion is available in two different shades – #101 (Ivory) and #201 (Beige).



When I first swatched the two cushions I couldn’t tell the difference - both looked a lot lighter than I expected! But once the cushion dries, the shades settle to something a little darker. 

 I'm usually on the darker side of #23 and found that #201 matched me to the T!


Lisa’s cushion distinguishes itself from Moonshot’s other products in terms of its:
☆ #fixingpower (long wearing and buildable)
☆ #settingpower (provides perfect adherence)
☆ #coolingeffect (contains aqualicia extract to hydrate the skin)

I’m gonna talk about each of these separately cos they do it so well, they all DESERVE a shout out.





#fixingpower: when you first apply the cushion, it gives you mid-range coverage. But you can easily build this up without worrying about your makeup caking or creasing. 



#settingpower: I was surprised by how watery this product felt at first. But then it dried and it was a whole different story. The cushion sets like a dream! In fact, you can rub it all you want (within reason of course) without worrying about transfer. 


#coolingeffect: you know when it’s summer and it’s still hot first thing in the morning? Well this would be prefect for that.  It gives this instantaneously calming effect that adds a little bounce to your step. 


Just like it says on the packaging, this cushion would be great for summer. It’s the must-have product for the girl (or guy) who needs coverage but still wants to feel light and carefree throughout day. 

PSST! Hot deal alert: Make sure to pre-order the Moonshot Micro Setting Fit Cushion and get 30% off! Time is ticking! In fact, Moonshot has already sold out of their first shipment!


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chi...@gmail. 0 Recommend

Is the coverage for this cushion foundation good? Is it sheer or more medium coverage?'s comment

win...@yaho 0 Recommend

Can you restock shade 201?