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  [K.Beauty Story] Review: Neogen Black Volume Cream
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-06-12 11:43:14     View : 3088    
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Review: Neogen Black Volume Cream


I want youthful skin that looks as plump as a baby’s and I bet you do too! So can you blame me for falling hook line and stinker for the benefits Neogen’s Black Volume Cream is supposed to offer? No! Right?



This product was a lot bigger than I expected (which is always great IMO - greater value for money)!


It comes with a rubber spatula that you can use to scoop up the cream protecting it from all the bacteria and pollutants you usually have on your hands. Plus the product comes with a stand where you can slot the spatula in so you won’t lose it! 

On the down side, it IS a rubber spatula so it seems to attract quite a bit of dust. So best keep it covered up for hygiene purposes!


Despite being called a cream, it’s got a jelly-like texture which literally bounces when I smack it with the spatula. And it has the most gentle fragrance that smells almost fruity but don’t worry, it evaporates quickly for those of you who don’t like scents in your skincare products.


When I first applied it, I was a little surprised to see it leaving my skin with a black tinge. But once you work it in, it's absolutely fine. 

From what I can see the colour comes from the 49 Black Anthocyanins incorporated into the cream. Anthocyanins are a naturally occurring pigment that can be found in a lot of foods such as blackberries, cherries and plums. They're rich in antioxidants which help protect your skin, repair damaged cells and promote growth - all of which will leave your skin glowing with health. 


The cream feels sticky at first but this dissipates quite quickly to leave your skin feeling velvety and moisturized. It also makes your skin look instantaneously plumper! 


I’ve been using Neogen’s Black Volume Cream at night and what I’ve discovered is that it’s different from a lot of creams out there. Especially night creams which tend to be on the heavier side which means you wake up feeling greasy, especially along your T-Zone. But this cream isn’t like that. It feels light but leaves your skin bursting with hydration!


It’s also great for daytime use as it’s so light, it barely feels like you’re wearing anything!



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