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  [Review by You] The 7 Day Heimish Aqua Tone Up Cream Trial
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-05-25 15:08:12     View : 11950    
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Review: The 7 Day Heimish Aqua Tone Up Cream Trial


Hi! Today I'll be sharing my 7 day experience with Heimish's Aqua Tone Up Cream. For the past week, I've been using this product to brighten my complexion before I applied my makeup. 





Short Summary

★ The cream offers a very natural tone up and brightening effect. 

★ It made my makeup look flawless and did not feel drying underneath.

★ I personally feel that the brightening effect was greater than the tone up effect. In other words it made my skin more vibrant but helped a little less with evening out my skin tone.





Formula and packaging

It had a wonderfully hydrating formula with an almost baby-powder like scent to it. 

And thanks to the aqua colors used, the packaging reminded me of a water bottle. 






I took pictures 5 minutes and 3 hours after application but felt that the camera hadn't been able to pick up the differences very well. 





The tone up effect was subtle so if you're looking for a dramatic difference maybe this isn't the cream for you. On the other hand, if you want a subtle yet natural brightening effect then it's the perfect item for you.!




The best thing about this cream is that the tone up and brightening effect lasts for a while. I saw no difference 3 hours after its application.





In my experience, one of the biggest downfalls of tone up creams are that they are SUPER drying! But Heimish's Aqua Tone Up Cream was more than hydrating enough. In fact, I found that I used less BB cream than usual which made my makeup look that much more natural. Plus, it's great for the summer!






The natural tone up effect and moisturizing properties of this cream are some of its best features. 

Other tone up products tend to be way too drying to use on your face or gets stuck in your skin's crevices highlighting fines lines and wrinkles, but this cream doesn't seem to have any of these problems! 

Plus it doesn't smear!




Unfortunately, Heimish's product description doesn't seem to focus on these key points which seems to be a waste. I definitely think it should be their main selling point - I mean it's one of the best things about the cream!




Images were taken from the following two blogs:



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