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  [K.Beauty Story] The “Rose Water / Extract” Craze
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2018-05-23 15:03:12     View : 3428    

The “Rose Water / Extract” Craze


There’s been a sudden influx of Rose Water containing products over the past couple months. And no wonder! It’s one of the most versatile ingredients out there with a host of benefits that will leave you running out the door to stock up on it! Let’s find out why!


ゆめみる宝石 Rose water or extract, like your skin, is mildly acidic. This makes it perfect for toning and removing any residual dirt and excess oil, all of which could disrupt your skin’s balance and lead to break outs.

ゆめみる宝石 It’s a strong anti-inflammatory that leaves your skin looking extra fresh by reducing any redness, irritation or sensitivity. It’s also great for treating sun burns as the rose water not only calms but also helps to accelerate the healing process. 

StyleKorean tip: Pour the rose water onto a cotton pad and place it over your eyes for to reduce any swelling – and voila, goodbye puffy eyes!

ゆめみる宝石 Rich in antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals preventing and thereby premature aging.

ゆめみる宝石 Enhances the skins ability to hold onto moisture leading to a youthful, dewy complexion. 

StyleKorean tip:We suggest pouring your favorite rose toner into a bottle so you can carry it around and give yourself a spritz whenever you need a quick pick-me-up! 

ゆめみる宝石 The scent isn't just your everyday smells-great fragrance but it provides actual mood lifting properties that help reduce blood pressure and stress.


Note! Rose water, extract and its other derivatives have slightly different benefits but to put it simply they can be categorized as the following:
ゆめみる宝石 Rose water and extracts have a potent anti-oxidant and soothing effect to heal and treat skin conditions. 
ゆめみる宝石 Rose oils and waxes are predominantly used to moisturize the skin.


Now here are a couple of our favorite rose containing products!


Mamonde Rose Water

This beauty is one of Mamonde’s best sellers and for a good reason too! Made from 90.89% Damask Rose, it’s perfect for those who need a little calming and hydration. It's alcohol free too so try using it as a mist or in the 7 skin method. 


"I give this product a 5/5 rating. I so love the effect of this toner on my skin. Gentle and mild plus the rose scent is relaxing and soothing. I also discovered that it can be used as facial mist and additional ingredient to your favorite face masks!"
- Kathrivera -



Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum

This mist sets itself apart from others in that it not only contains 88% Bulgarian rose but that it doubles as a serum. In fact, the mist itself is more dense that others to help prevent the evaporation of moisture and to lock in all the hydration.


I find the scent of this product really refreshing, and its overall a nice product for a quick boost of hydration in the middle of the day.
- Fish Meat Die -



Hera Rosy-Satin Cream

This beautiful moisturizer was created by renowned MUA Isabelle Pain who helped create the Rose-Satin Complex TM that helps the skin’s turn over for a youthful, transparent glow!


The texture is quite unique, as it seems quite dense but glides on quite lightly and spreads quickly on the skin. It is not as light as a water breaking cream but feels a little denser (maybe somewhat like silicone?), smooth and silky. Yet it does not have that negative feelings of a silicone that feels like it leaves an uncomfortable coating on top, but rather feels like it wraps the skin comfortably, at the same time delivering the hydration into the skin.
- Yoon's Beauty Tribune - 


There you have it. There’s a reason why rose has been religiously used as a beauty proffering item for centuries: It’s amazing! What do you think about it? Let us know!


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