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  [Try Me, Review Me] [Best Reviewer] Barulab Home Skin Care Clinic Review by
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2020-06-23 15:53:03     View : 344    

39th Try Me Review Me


Home Skin Clinic Skincare




Here’s a sneak peak of upcoming reviews this week. I received these products from @stylekorean_global & @barulab / @barulab_kr for testing purposes in exchange for a review within two weeks of trial.


I was not familiar with Barulab prior to receiving their products. It is a Korean skincare brand. In Korean, “baru” means “to correct what is incorrect.” “Lab” simply stands for Laboratory. So basically, Barulab makes products that helps correct imperfections or issues on our skin.


These are the products I received:


•Black Clay Cleansing Foam.

•Barusol Expert Repair Salve Cream.

•Barusol Expert Repair Boosting Mist.

•10 Barulab Clean Vegan Masks.


I enjoyed two of the four products I received. Can you guess which two? Spot anything you’re interested in?




I’ve only used a couple of sheet masks so here are my first impressions.


These sheet masks are made of 100% plant derived ingredients with no animal testing. Each mask has its own purpose to target dry skin, sensitive skin, dull skin, aging skin, and trouble skin.


Each mask has been formulated with a serum base and depending on what the mask is targeting, it adds its bonus key ingredient(s). For instance, the Cica mask has Centella Asiatica Extract, which is good for soothing irritated skin and is great for sensitive skin.  The serum base is jam packed with humectants so these sheet masks definitely leaves my face feeling so hydrated and supple after use.


The sheet mask fits really well on my face! I didn’t have to keep readjusting the mask to make sure it was covering as much face surface area as possible. It does not shift around even when I’m massaging my face with a jade roller. The edges also don’t lift up!


There is A LOT of serum (20ml) in this sheet mask. I love sheet masks with a tonne of serum because my body can also benefit! I was able to apply the excess serum in the package to at least half my body!


These sheet masks were a win for me and it’s going into my list of favourite sheet masks!



I received these products from  @stylekorean_global & @barulab / @barulab_kr for testing purposes in exchange for a review within two weeks of trial.


Black Clay Cleansing Foam: Made out of volcanic ash, black clay, and charcoal.  The cleanser is meant to give your pores a deep clean, removing excess make-up, dirt, blackheads, and sebum.  It is a gray-coloured clay to foam cleanser.  I experience a slightly stinging sensation as I get closer to my 60 second mark of cleansing - I think this is coming from the clay ingredient as I’ve experienced the same sensation using a clay mask. I wasn’t a total fan of this product. I didn’t really see a difference in my skin or pores after using it. I felt it was a bit stripping so I did not use it everyday.


Barusol Expert Repair Boosting Mist: Made with essential oil, centella asiatica extract and amino acids. It’s meant to be a repairing mist that helps boost fatigued, dry looking skin while relieving skin redness. I used this as a toner and not as a booster in the middle of the day. The spray is made perfectly as it perfectly mists your face. With that said, I felt I needed at least 6-7 sprays to mist my entire face. I did not really see a difference in my skin after using it. It felt almost like spraying water on my face. So I’d say it’s probably good for those with sensitive skin because it feels extremely gentle.


Barusol Expert Repair Salve Cream: Made with humectants, natural oils, and 17 different amino acids. It was purpose formulated as a soothing cream to calm irritated skin (redness, itchiness, dryness) and to protect and repair the skin’s barrier. The texture was so dreamy and silky, almost like a light weight honey consistency. I used it either as a spot treatment on red areas or as a sleeping mask. I did not notice it calming down redness but it was great as a moisturizing overnight mask because of its humectant and occlusive ingredients!


Just a follow-up to my @barulab posts last week for #texturetuesday! I wanted to show you the dreamy texture of the Barusol Expert Repair Salve Cream. What do you think?




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