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  [Try Me, Review Me] [#37, Try Me; Review Me] COSRX AC Collection
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2020-01-17 13:38:40     View : 1184    





STYLEKOREAN is back with Try Me Review Me and THAT IS RIGHT! You might have guessed after seeing the post on our Instagram but YES it is with the almighty COSRX! This time, we have brought the AC Collection line and Naomi will introduce a simple skincare routine to one of STYLEKOREAN Marketing Team's Krystal who's worst concern is her acne skin! Let's check out what is in the box!


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2 comments's comment 0 Recommend

waa im very excited to this event!! i have a acne scar and acne problem and im sure this would be perfect to my skin and for those who seek for trear their acne's comment 0 Recommend

this set is amazing! hope you guys can check out my review on my blog @ :)