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  [Try Me, Review Me] [Best Reviewer] Double Dare Deluxe Kit Review by @skyline.queen
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2020-01-17 09:55:45     View : 651    

35th Try Me Review Me 


Double Dare

Red Deluxe Kit








★★★★: This product set definitely deserves five stars and more. I have tried so many skincare products, but only these OMG products created REALLY VISIBLE EFFECTS RIGHT AFTER USE. 


I shot this video with minimal natural lighting, which is why I was really amazed that even on camera, you can really see the effects. 





> The OMG headband is really super cute, and the OMG skincare set arrived in a very classy and elegant travel case. Cute but elegant!






> I love the fact that the products were neither medicine-like, fruity, or too sweet in terms of scent. The fragrance was just right to keep the experience enjoyable.




> OMG HEADBAND: This headband, aside from being statement cute, is the fluffiest, softest, smoothest, silkiest headband on earth - and it’s RED❣️ It’s really enjoyable to use.


> OMG RED SNAIL MASK: This mask is different in so many ways from other masks I used. It was a little sticky for me, but I love the cool and hydrating feel it gave to the touch. When I removed the mask after a few minutes, I could really see on cam that my skin was visibly brighter! I had to look in the mirror and it really did take effect. It was hard to believe but it was right before my eyes.


> OMG RED WATER: Spreading this serum all over my skin really added to the cooling sensation after the  red snail mask. It delivers its promise to give you glass skin. It made me want to spend my day without makeup just so that I could flaunt my bare skin.


> OMG M.P.R: This is one bombshell of a final step to the set. It amplified that glassy glow the OMG Red Water gave, and it looked so beautiful under foundation. It made my makeup look naturally dewy, and surprisingly it lasted without retouch.



Overall, I loved my OMG experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. And if you’re not convinced, watch my video so you can see for yourself ;)




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