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  [Try Me, Review Me] [#36, Try Me; Review Me] Real Barrier
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2020-01-06 11:00:00     View : 17595    
  Link :… (761)

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26 comments's comment 3 Recommend

Done. Thank you Stylekorean for this opportunity.'s comment 0 Recommend

Done. Wish me luck's comment 0 Recommend

Thank you stylekorean for this apportunity's comment 0 Recommend

Done. Thanks for always giving us a wonderful chance. Fighting. ^ ^'s comment 0 Recommend

I have such dry, sensitive and acne prone skin. Cannot get enough of hydrating skin barrier improving products. Thank you stylekorean Team for fabulous events and opportunities!'s comment 0 Recommend

Yaaayy.. Finally, a brand I really wanna try but afraid of trying for fear that it might break me out. Thank you. Hope will get lucky.'s comment 0 Recommend

I have really sensitive skin and facing dry skin in this season , hope to win this would love to review and thanks for the chance Stylekorean❤'s comment 0 Recommend

Thank you for the opportunity StyleKorean!'s comment 0 Recommend

Thank you Stylekorean Team for  fabulous opportunity for my dry skin!'s comment 0 Recommend

First thank you so much StyleKorean for the opportunity to try this amazing brand for dry skin like me in this long winter. My instagram ID is @prisci_tvdd :) Hope to be lucky this time .'s comment 0 Recommend

Hope that I can get this to be my first product to start my influencer career's comment 0 Recommend

Done :) I am really excited to try these products. Perfect timing since we’ll go to Sapporo this coming February and I need a moisturizing products's comment 0 Recommend

Thank you for this opportunity! Done signing up's comment 0 Recommend

done signing up! I'm a vlogger and I'm definitely excited to make a review about this awesome brand! hipefully get the chance to win and I will create a review about it on my channel! check out my you tube channel: Nelli Ville and my instagram acct: nellivillee's comment 0 Recommend

Im done . Thankyou StyleKorean . I hope i'll be giving the opportunity to try and review your product since i have a really breakout skin and havent found skincare that can heal my scar and acne.