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  [Try Me, Review Me] [Best Reviewer] Jumiso Review by @bloomingpixie
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2019-12-20 17:24:04     View : 2482    

34th Try Me Review Me 








Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is commonly known as AHA essentially removes the upper layer of the skin or the old dead skin that we have. It helps us grow new skin.




Months of continuous use of AHA will make your skin smoother and even your uneven skin tone but it can cause you sun sensitivity or irritation that's why you need to use sunscreen and know what concentration suits you. Most products usually have 5%-7% of AHA which tends to work on most people.





@jumiso_official's Jumiso 'Yes, I Am Toner AHA 5%' is not new to me. I use it every other night. It only has a pH lvl a bit lower than 5 so you can use it for daily use but I prefer not to since I'm using other actives as well.



Scent - Faint citrus scent
Packaging - They added 25ml more to the new bottle of 150ml (swipe to the difference)
Consistency - Almost water-like consistency.
Application - No stinging sensation (ever) knowing that this was the 1st product with pure AHA alone that I used since I already tried the one with AHA and BHA altogether.

• Gently exfoliating my skin, makes my skin smoother with lesser bumps.
• Lessened my whiteheads and also helped me to prevent white bumps caused by my cushion
 (I know I should stop using that cushion)


• Even if it exfoliates my skin, it keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized because of panthenol which chemically attracts water and strengthens out skin layer to reduce water loss.
• It boosts on treating and lessening my acne with the use of lemon myrtle which is a good disinfectant as well as soothing my skin.



Overall, I'm still in love with this product! Thank you so much @stylekorean_global and @jumiso_official for the #trymereview me opportunity.

If you want to know more about AHA, this site is informative.







When we see an orange bottle with vitamin on it's name, we'll automatically think of vitamin C BUT sometimes we really need to understand and read more about the product before judging it.



Just like this Jumiso All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Facial Serum which is an upgraded version of their Drop the Vit C serum but has a huge difference in usability.



Compared to its previous version, the new version doesn't focus on vitamin C alone, yes you are hearing that correctly. This vitamin serum is:
*A non-water-based and high-concentration serum for brightening.
*It helps you keep bright skin tone and have healthy, radiant and balanced skin.
*It contains various vitamin complexes such as A, B, D, E, and K as well as vitamin C & many ingredients that nourish, sooth and improve skin elasticity.





Key Ingredients:
*86.14% Sea buckthorn extract - promotes the overall health of the skin by boosting elasticity, hydration, inflammation, scar repair and sun damage, as well as fighting acne-causing bacteria.
*Hyaluronic acid - keeps skin moisturized.
*Centella Asiatica extract - soothes and relieves skin from inflammation.
*Chamomilla Recutita - regulates excessive excretion of sebum and keeps skin balanced.



Packaging - cute clear orange glass dropper bottle, very instagrammable.
Scent - subtle orange scent.
Consistency - liquid gel type
Application - spreads out easily, tacky feeling will disappear when fully absorbed by the skin. No stinging sensation nor heating sensation.






• In the morning whenever I use it, it gives me an instant glow.
• During holidays, there are lots of events coming and those times I'm trying to use some makeup, when the serum added to my routine it helped a lot on not drying my skin together with the centella cream, they kept my skin hydrated.
• My face became softer, it looks healthier and brighter.
• It boost the healing of my acne, sometimes it heals 2 to 3 days only and keeps acne at the bay even during my period.
• For the pimple marks, it gradually fades the scars, please swipe to see sample. This is 2 weeks interval.
• I don't mind using it together with the Yes I Am Toner AHA 5% since as I've said this is not a pure vit C serum though it's still not recommended, just 'You do you'. I only do that twice a week at night.






The 3rd product on my @jumiso_official x @stylekorean_global #trymereviewme ia non-other than the Have a Good Cream Snail & Centella.



Snail slime and centella asiatica extract contribute to smoothly soothing sensitive/irritated skin.
1. Improvement of skin blemishes
2. Creation of moisturizing membrane
3. Soothing care





Those 2 key ingredients are 2 of my faves!


Centella Asiatica extract - soothe and improves skin blemishes.


Snail Slime - moisturize and provides skim elasticity as well improving skin aging management.




Packaging - it comes with a cute 50ml tub, though I prefer pump bottle on moisturizers for hygienic purposes but on the bright side I can reuse this one as a cute container and they also have cute sample tubes!
Scent - it is very close to the Yes, I Am Toner but for me this is more lemony than the toner, it somehow relaxes me.
Consistency - light cream
Application - spreads and absorbs by skin easily, tackiness will somehow fade once fully absorbed by the skin.








• I use it day and night, as I mentioned on my all day vitamin serum review this helped me on my makeup issues during events, it makes my skin moisturized enough to make my makeup not cakey, no dry patches as well.
• Ofcourse it's a good pair with the All day vitamin serum, it gives a refreshing feeling when I use them together.
• For my blemishes, since I'm using the serum and the cream together, possibly they help each other for the gradual fading of my acne marks.
• It gives a mild cooling sensation but over all it is gentle enough for sensitive skin.
• For the soothing effect, it's enough for me since I don't really experience too much redness most of the time.
• Hence, over all this is a good cream for me.






Jumiso masks are my first love, I won their #weeklyjumiso for best mask review wayback and they sent a generous gift package containing all their masks. I AM SO GRATEFUL.



Now I will be featuring one of their mask & one of my faves (though I'm a little biased here coz I love all their masks), the Jumiso First Skin Brightening mask. They use salmon roe on these masks, it's a rich source of vitamin A and E to make skin brighter.



Key Ingredients:
Gigawhite - environment friendly herbal composition comes from the fresh air and water of Swiss Alps which evens skin tone and improves skin texture.
Redberry Complex - 5 kinds of extracted components containing a variety of vitamins and polyphenol which is rich in antioxidants.


Ceramide Complex - substance which is similar with skin's natural lipids helps skin to appear smoother and increase firmness.
Niacinamide - our fave ingredient for skin brightening.




Packaging - lovely white pouch with very cute drawing.
Scent - subtle floral scent
Texture - 100% cotton thin but fine quality, cannot be teared easily.
Application - this mask is one of the few which perfectly fit on my small round face. 

• It adheres well on my face hence I can do other activities.
• Rich in essence, the remaining essence can be used all over my body.
• As recommended, it should be used for only 15-20 minutes. So I used mine for 20 minutes, I felt it tightens a bit when I'm nearing the 20mins recommendation but when I removed it, there's still too much essence left in the mask.
• My skin absorbs the essence in few minutes WITH NO STICKY feeling, this is the most important thing that I consider when I'm using face mask that's why Jumiso is really close to my heart.
• It gives an instant glow and plump effect on my face even until the moment I woke up the next day.
• Over all, I would definitely repurchase this mask. I'm really not a sheetmask fan but this one is an exception together another 2 brands on my favorite list

Thanks again, @stylekorean_global & @jumiso_official for this #trymereviewme opportunity. You really MADE ME SMILE 


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