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  [Review by You] La Muse + Let Me Skin Reviews By skincareaddictmy
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2019-03-08 10:00:00     View : 4187    
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La Muse + Let Me Skin Reviews By skincareaddictmy


 Real reviews by YOU! 




I will be posting my review on each of these products:


◎ La Muse Skin Repair Signature Mask

◎ La Muse Micro Forming Balancing Toner

◎ La Muse Correct Care Complete CC Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (+Refill)

◎ Let Me Skin Ultra H2O Modeling Mask #Pink





Let Me Skin Ultra H2O Modeling Mask #Pink


Unlike other modeling masks I saw, both of the solutions are liquid that made it easy to combine and apply, because it does not involve mixing powder and water at all



Brightening + Vibrance + Enhace Brighteness


Key Ingredients:

◎ Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract (licorice)

◎ Zingiber officinale root extract (ginger)

◎ Schisandra chinensis fruit extract (magnolia berry)

◎ Camellia sinensis leaf extract (green tea)

◎ Oryza sativa bran extract (rice)

◎ Citrus aurantiifolia fruit extract (key lime)

◎ Rosa centifolia flower water (cabbage rose)





My experience:

◎ Easy to mix in the half pill container that came as the packaging of this

◎ Application was not messy at all

◎ It has a faint perfume scent which was okay with me

◎ Has a cooling sensation

◎ Left it for 30 minutes and was still damp

◎ My skin looked a little bit brighter and soft


Overall, I'm liking it. Great before make up and doesn't leave any tackiness





La Muse Skin Repair Signature Mask


This is a bio cellulose mask which created with fermented coconut fruit water extract to boost the moisture benefits 10 times more than the usual sheet mask


Claimed to brighten and even skin tone with niacinamide and eight different botanical extracts, including licorice root and calming centella asiatica


Scent : Fragrance was on the last of the ingredient list, and this mask have quite a perfum-y scent to it which I enjoyed very much. The scent reminded me of my teen years.


This toner contains a few of botanical extract in it. It came in a 140 ml pump bottle which I find easy to use


Texture : Once pumped, it dispensed bubbles that turned into water within seconds on skin. Absorption was fast, left a slight tacky feeling to it.





My experience :

I used this toner right after washing my face with cleanser ( I wash my face 3 times a day ). I love the cool effect it gave my skin and also my skin felt very soft afterwards. I don't even need more than a layer to have that soft skin feeling.


This toner work well with all products I incorporated in my routines, and I love to apply it with my hands.


It also great as a stand alone product. If I used it in my midday routines without any other products, my skin still feel hydrated and soft  (I have a combination skin and live in high humidity country)


Overall, I really like this toner and how it feels on my skin, also it didn't give me any bad reactions





La Muse Correct Care Complete CC Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (+Refill) 


I am one of the people that didn't get so lucky with BB cushions. They will always crease inside my lines especially around the eyes, caking and whiteheads always appeared especially on my nose


This is my first time trying a CC Cushion, I don't know what to expect but, I know it supposed to blend well with your skin tone






From the first application, I was already blown away by this cushion. It doesn't crease, easy to apply, not cakey nor patchy. Everything was smooth. The color was a little bit pale to match my skin tone, but over the time it actually blended well


It came in a very pretty pink case, with great puff and a refill! which is a bonus point to it. Does not really have any scent to me except a hint of sunscreen scent because this has Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide as UV filters.


This also has a dewy finish to it which I sometimes enjoy depending on my activities. I had to set this up with my loose powder during day time but I love using this as it is for night outings.


I also did a home testing without powder, and was really impressed. After all the chores and sweat, it did stay still without any caking. My skin does not look greasy with the dew, but looked glowingly healthy instead





Overall, I do think I finally found the best base make up that suit my skin very well. I'm counting on this if I ever need to use make up in anytime


Rating : 5/5 






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