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  A KCON Exclusive Pre-Order Sets!
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-07-19 17:14:20     View : 146438    
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A KCON Exclusive Pre-Order Sets



❤ StyleKorean is proud to announce……..”We’re coming to LA for KCON!” 


We can’t express how excited we are about this! We get to meet all of you,  breathe, eat and talk K-Beauty all weekend (our idea of paradise)! BUT we can’t go empty handed! You all deserve a StyleKorean treat!


So we’re bringing you our LIMITED EDITION, KCON EXCLUSIVE, beauty boxes. Each of these are worth over $100 in retail value but you can make them yours for just $30!


Here’s how:


1. Leave a comment below telling us which beauty box you want

2. Come say “hello” at our KCON booth to receive your gift, play games and win some amazing prizes (more information TBA!)

3. Note, payment will happen on location in LA

* These sets are limited in quantity so only one per person is permitted

* You must​ be able to pick these up at our KCON booth in LA


Make sure you pre-order these sets as they be sold at over $50 on location! Plus it’s an amazing one-off opportunity!


✦ SET 1 

Suffer from dry skin? Then it’s time to get Chok Chok with out first set: Dry To Chok Chok!

BTW, did you know? Chok Chok means hydrated or dewy in Korean! 



✦ SET 2 

Worried about your oily skin? Then try our second set. It’s time to transform from an oily glow to a smooth radiance! 


✦ SET 3 

Troubled by acne? Then don’t worry, StyleKorean has your back with set number three!

TIP: After cleansing your skin, unfold the Huxley cotton pads and soak with the Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel. Then place on particularly problematic areas for 10 to 15 mins to calm your skin! 


See you all there!  


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jyoshi@gmail.com's comment

jyo...@gmail.com 5 Recommend

Excited to see you guys at KCON! I want to pre order the set #1 dry to chok chok.

chanwoolee.01@gmail.com's comment

cha...@gmail. 8 Recommend

Wow!! I'll take #Set2 Oily To Smooth!!! I'm expecting u guys!!!

umji3684@gmail.com's comment

umj...@gmail.com 1 Recommend

Great! I wanna pre order the set #03. It suit for my acne skin! Thanks!

kimkhanht00@gmail.com's comment

kim...@gmail.co 2 Recommend

I want to pre order the Set #1 dry to chok chok. Excited to see you guys at Kcon!!

hyesujo@gmail.com's comment

hye...@gmail.com 1 Recommend

I caaaan't pick one as all options are attractive. But I'll take #01. There's my favorite everyday life saver, cacao cream from Benton. hooray!

kimoossang@naver.com's comment

kim...@naver.com 1 Recommend

Set #03 is mine.  2 hg products that changed my life - Benton Aloe toner and soothing gel

Jaysoon@Gmail.com's comment

Jay...@Gmail.com 1 Recommend

Cooooooooool~! I expecting stylekorean in LA! I really need the set #2 Oily to smooth !!!

avantagarde@gmail.com's comment

ava...@gmail.co 1 Recommend

OMG! I can't wait for KCON! What's your booth number? BTW I would like set #1 dry to chok chok! See you guys there :)

grace.st.sk@gmail.com's comment

gra...@gmail.co 1 Recommend

Holy moly! Can't wait to get it! Set 3 Acne Clear for me!!!!<3

collagen@gmail.com's comment

col...@gmail.com 1 Recommend

I will preorder set 2!

l1ncly67@hotmail.com's comment

l1n...@hotmail.com 1 Recommend

YAY! I'd like to pre-order Set#3 please :)

gaby.a.6@hotmail.com's comment

gab...@hotmail.com 1 Recommend

Set 3 acne clear would be amazing

Yenny.konardy@gmail.com's comment

Yen...@gmail. 8 Recommend

i want the #set2

Annie.dctr@gmail.com's comment

Ann...@gmail.com 1 Recommend

Hi I would like to preorder the set #1 Dry to Chok Chok! Thank you for hosting this

cindy.ca5241@gmail.com's comment

cin...@gmail.c 1 Recommend

Yay! Can't wait to see you guys there! I would like Set 3 for Acne Clear. Thank you!