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  [Review by You] 23 Years Old Best Seller Reviews By Sarahs_Skincare
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2019-03-01 10:16:03     View : 4750    
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23 Years Old Best Seller Reviews By Sarahs_Skincare



Thank you StyleKorean for hosting another fab Try Me Review Me event. They sent a mixture of 23 Years Old goodies. I’ve never tried anything from the brand apart from the cocoon masks so I was very excited to try them! Here are my first impressions. Let me know if you’ve tried this I want to hear about your experiences too.




Black Pain Rubar

★ I’m always on the look out for products that minimize blackheads & control sebum. 

★ It contains 2% charcoal that helps eliminate blackheads & whiteheads by clearing dirt oil & impurities from the pore. It also helps with sebum control & improve skin texture for a smoother complexion. 

★ It’s designed to be a 2 in 1; a charcoal pack & cleansing bar. It advises to wet the face and rub the stick for 30 seconds. 

★ I’ve been using the cleansing stick every day in the evenings after double cleansing for couple of weeks. I rub the stick between my wet fingers and massage my nose. The first time i tried it, I cleansed my entire face but it gave me that squeaky feeling. So since then I only concentrate on my nose. I’ve been forcing the hubs to use this too on his nose only.

★ Unlike other charcoal cleansers, this one doesn’t smell of sulfur. It doesn’t really foam up. If you’re worried about hygiene issues, double cleanse or at least remove the first layer of dirt/ make up from your skin so you’re not contaminating the stick. I leave the cap off to dry before putting back on. I find it really easy to use & transport. 



★ Results: I like using charcoal cleansing stick to help remove impurities from my pores, so far my nose has been clear. My hubs on the other hand, he’s been getting white heads on his nose everyday since using this. (Fun for me to pop sorry TMI) most likely from the oil being excreted from his pores.  

★ Overall I liked this. I would repurchase & use on the nose area only.  





Cocoon Gold Silky Mask


★ What better choice than to this test the new silky gold cocoon mask that aims to deliver “ultra-fresh sensation” that tone & quenches dry & dehydrated skin.

★ It contains plant extracts Gardenia Florida Flower Extract an antioxidant, acne fighting ingredients tea tree leaf oil, Licorice leaf extract and willow bark extract, which also brightens the skin. It’s packed full of botanical ingredients for skin conditioning, scutellaria baicalensis root extract is a humectant and soothes the skin. The soybean ferment extract & silkworm extract helps repair damaged skin while replenishing moisture without artificial colours. .

★ Opening the packet, there is a faint but relaxing peppermint scent. The mask is extremely thin & contained so much essence that it dripped everywhere. The slits at the sides helped the mask adhere extremely well to my face, which looked like a second skin. The essence had a watery-gel consistency & there were about a tablespoon of essence left over.





★ The mask stayed damp over the recommended wear time, I was able to wear the mask for extra 10 minutes & it was still damp. It didn’t leave a tacky uncomfortable feeling and I massaged the remaining essence into my skin. .

★ The mask kept my skin looking dewy & fresh. My skin instantly soothed. This was a really nice mask & I think dry skin types would appreciate this mask. I WRP 4/5.



Badecasil P-Original

★ When my skin is acting up & I get reaction spots because I have sensitive skin, I’ve been reaching for the new 23 Years Old Badecasil P-Original. This cream is designed for problematic skin to help boost skin vitality.

★ It’s an 8 in 1 solution that contains Betaine Salicylate and 1% BioDtox, which exfoliates & moisturises your skin at the same time.

★ It’s non comedogenic. My skin is prone to clogged pores but this cream hasn’t caused me any issues. .

★ Ideal for problematic skin, I have the odd skin flare ups & clogged pores so I use this cream as a treatment rather than everyday moisturiser. 

★ Gentle exfoliation, the cream is very mild so I don’t expect this cream to expel blackheads but it did smooth out clogged pores. .

★ Sebum & ph level balance, my skin feels soft & supple. I don’t really have oily skin but this would be good to control excess oil on my nose in the summer.




★  A combination of 3 BioDtox; broccoli sprout, aloe & citrus fruit extracts helps with inflammation & soothing. 

★  The packaging is a handy squeeze tube, the texture is very lightweight & absorbs quickly into the skin without any heaviness or tackiness. It works well under make up. Overall, this cream is a skin saviour for sensitive irritated skin. The scent is very mild reminds of western medicine ointment. 




Aqua Bar Modeling Mask

★ Modelling masks; love em or hate them? I’m in the latter category because even though I enjoy a lengthy routine, secretly I’m lazy.  I much rather slap on a sheetmask or add layers of serums & toners to get moisture boost.  I have to be in the right frame of mind to use a modelling mask & my earlier experiences consist of dry crackling mess.

★ Last night, I tried the New Aqua Bab Modelling Mask sent as part of Style Korean #trymereviewme event. This modelling mask is a 2-step “hydration bomb” that claims to intensely hydrate & nourish the skin to deliver nutrients at a deeper level. It’s also soothing, calming, improves texture & restores balance to combat environmental stressors just what my tired skin needs.

★ The gel packet contains a myriad of skin benefits:  white mulberry & licorice root for brightening, centella asiatica, ginger, green tea, propolis wax, red ginseng to rejuvenate the skin. There are nourishing oils: jojoba seed oil, lanolin, sqaualane. 

★ The powder includes niacinamide, allantoin, hibiscus sabdariffa flower removes dead skin cells, and various botanical ingredients.
★ I was surprised the modelling mask is for 4 uses.  You mix the crystal gel packet with the powder pack in the mixing bowl. It comes with a wooden spatula to stir the mixture.  Applying the jelly texture was challenging; it was difficult to get a smooth coverage. I ended up looking like a swamp monster & scared the hubs when I emerged from the bathroom.

★ The jelly texture wasn’t too gloopy & felt cooling to apply.



★ The mask felt cooling & after 30 minutes, it was easy to remove with no sticky residue but some essence remained. The instructions advised to massage the essence before removing the mask to ensure maximum absorption.

★ Results: It was cooling to wear, my pores looked more refined & overall complexion brighter. With my low expectations of modelling masks, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. 




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Thank you for the feature.  I enjoyed all the products.  Sarahs_skincare x