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  Review: PyunKangyul Skincare
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-05-26 13:56:37     View : 7937    

⋆ Review: PyunKangyul Skincare 


It’s time for another review! But let’s mix things up a little - it’s getting hotter and more humid by the day. And as you know, that means it’s time to change your skincare routine. So today, let’s explore a simple yet effective skincare regimen and simultaneously review some of Pyunkang Yul's most popular items! Ready? 




By now, many K-Beauty skincare enthusiasts out there have at least heard of this brand in passing. Why’s it so famous? Because:


1. It was launched by renowned oriental medicine clinic Pyunkang. This institution is within the top 3 Korean centers specialized in treating skin disorders. And they’ve taken all their experience, all their knowledge and poured it into this skincare brand.


2. In this day and age, our skin is bombarded by pollutants and harsh chemicals from a variety of beauty products we choose to slather on our skin. Pyunakang Yul knows this and that’s why they’ve chosen to remove all unnecessary ingredients to leave only the minimum, most necessary and safe ingredients. Don’t believe us? Then check it out for yourselves! Most cosmetics comprise of approximately 30~60 components whilst Pyunkang Yul holds a mere average of 12!






Befitting its origins, Pyunkang Yul’s skincare line is held within  luxurious navy / royal blue bottles encased with a label made from Hanji – Korean traditional paper. Simply beautiful!




Step 1: Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

Unlike other toners out there, this particular one is far more viscous and thick. In fact, it applies almost like a light weight essence (hence the name) and leaves your skin feeling incredibly hydrated!





Quick tip: Apply this with a cotton pad as the thick texture of the toner will adhere to any waste products and remove it from your skin! 


Rating: 4.5/5 (Love this)!







Step 2: Pyunakng Yul Moisture Serum

Next is the application of the serum. This particular product contains Barberry root extracts to help reduce the temperature of your skin and calm any irritations. It’s also part oil and part moisture to ensure your skin is as hydrated as possible.





Despite this, I was pleased to find that it didn’t have that greasy finish that’s often associated with oils. It was light, creamy and absorbed well.





That said, I was not a fan of the spoid! Not only was it finicky to use but it barely pulled up any of the serum. It was a lot easier to simply tap out the product!


Rating: 4.5/5







Step 3: Pyunkang Yul Moisture Cream


The final step is to lock in all the moisture! But before we continue, can we please take a moment to admire how gorgeous this product is? 




The cream is thick and applies like a dream with a neat, clean finish devoid of any stickiness. 





Despite its dense texture, the cream felt light on my skin! And that’s what makes it perfect for the warmer months when the humidity is high and your skin feels oily! 


Psst! In the evening, try applying the cream in excess as it can double as sleeping mask!  


Rating: 4/5







And that’s it for your simple spring / summer skincare routine (don’t forget your sun cream though)! As for an overview,  I loved the products!



1. I’ve been travelling a lot lately. And that, for me, means dry patches and the occasional spot. However, thanks to the religious application of these products, I’ve been able to keep all these issues at bay!



2. Despite how thick they appear, the products all feel incredibly light weight which make them absolutely perfect for the warmer months!






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