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  Review: [HUXLEY] Cream Fresh and More & Cream Anti-Gravity! ♡
  Writer : Stylekorean     Date : 2017-03-20 09:41:23     View : 10486    
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Review: [HUXLEY] Cream Fresh and More & Cream Anti-Gravity! 

Hello girls! So, today I’m back with another review about Huxley products!♥ This time, I’ll be talking about their cream, [Huxley] Cream Fresh and More & Cream Anti-Gravity. I really love their mask line so I’m really excited to try their cream line and it doesn’t disappoint at all. I’m glad that I add them to my skincare routine. It really does change the game! Kyaaaaa!!! Okay, I need to stop blabbering and start the review! Legooooo!! :)




Their packaging is so pretty right? Same with their mask, I feel that their packaging is simple yet elegant. But for their cream products, they come with glass, so it might break if we are not careful enough ;p and for their scent, I think they are quiet similar. It has a strong cactus or grass scent which is I love! 




First, [Huxley] Cream: Fresh and More claimed that they are a refreshing gel cream form a protective moisture barrier, locking in Hydration, and keep your skin hydrated all day even in an en extremely dry environment. And I do agree with their description, it does moisturize my skin and I didn’t feel dry at all. It also helps my makeup to stay on my skin without looking dry or oily. It feels really light and absorb into my skin really fast.


Since its very light-weight I think it’s a right choose to use this every morning and my skin just feel really smooth and hydrate. But it can be used at night as well! It does give a glow finish on my face. For their ingredients itself, I can say they are using special ingredients, such as; 56% Sahara Cactus Seed Oil, non-comedogenic oil high in Vitamin E which going to hydrate and protect the skin from stress and aging.


And of course, I only need a little bit of the product and it covers all over my face! Ah! It contains 50ml of the product!



Next is this [Huxley] Cream; Anti-gravity! The texture of both creams are different. This one is thicker than Fresh and more cream. This contains a prickly pear extract which is a good ingredient to moisturize your skin! I feel really hydrate using this product and the most important thing is my face didn’t break out! It has a soft green color and it smells nice for me but it does have a particular strong scent. For myself, I used this at my night moisturizer but it can be used in the morning as well. You just need a little amount of the product and it can cover all of your face.



The result that I get in the morning is satisfying. My skin looks glowy and subtle. It really soft and absorb into your skin!

For people who have a dry skin, I think this is the most suitable moisturizer. It can be used in the morning and night. But for people who has an oily skin, I suggested only use it at night because it does really give you an dewy and look effect and maybe you guys preferred light-weight moisturizer ([Huxley] Cream: Fresh and More) 


They have similar packaging which I personally like. It’s simple yet aesthetic hahahah I mean it does look pretty in my drawer. So I will give them rate 4.5/5 for now! I’m pretty satisfied with them! And of course, I highly recommend both of the products! 

So, that’s all for today’s review! I’ll be back for another review and hope you guys have a great day ahead! Much love, STYLEKOREA!


- Really hydrating and moisturize my skin

- Suitable for all skin types 

- Has a reasonable price for moisturizer

- Both of product can be used at morning and night


- It has a strong particular scent so if people who are sensitive with strong scent won’t like it 






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