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  Review on [Huxley] Essence: Grab Water
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★A review on Huxley Essence: Grab Water★



As we promised, today we will talk about new brand, new item! Many of you have inquired us about a brand called Huxley and have been interested in it. So today is the day! We’re back to bring you new review on Huxley:)


Huxley is a unique skin care brand which is so popular in Korea these days. Proposing a new solution for your skin suffering from harmful elements, surroundings and stress from the city is the concept of Huxley.




resource : www.huxley.co.kr


Under the philosophy of ‘Great things never came from comfort zones’, Huxley provides skin care items formulated with cactus seed oil from the Sahara Desert, the supreme skin care ingredient. Before we start today’s review on lovely item, why don’t we just watch this video, a story of Huxley’s Cactus of the Sahara?

And this is it! The item I’m introducing today, which was shown in the video, Huxley Essence: GRAB WATER.




Let’s meet this water type essence now, which is much more moist than other kinds of essence thanks to its key ingredient, the cactus seed oil.





At first, these are the packaging and design of the container. The small box that contains the essence is printed with a picture of the Sahara. Inside the box with printed Sahara, there is the essence of light blue color, in a simple but tidy and classy case. The words “Secret of Sahara” is written on both the box and the case. 




Personally, I really loved this packaging of the blue essence. It’s basic without frills. Besides, it’s handy but quite weighty which gave me trust.


Huxley Essence: Grab Water keeps moist in your skin for a long time. It moisturizes with light finish due to its cactus seed oil. Besides, it also has cooling effect as it’s formulated with peppermint ingredient!






I opened the secret of the Sahara. When opening the lid, you can find a dropping pipette like above. With the dropping pipette, I can use it hygienically until the end of it, and there’s no worry about unnecessary loss. How nice!




I dropped just a little on the back of my hand. As it’s water type essence, it rolled down as soon as I dropped it. The texture was so light and fresh without stickiness, I think it is suitable for those who have oily skin like me.


Most of all, this essence is full of unique scent of Huxley. This scent is Huxley’s signature scent! It smells like white musk powder and also wildflower! I fell for this natural scent which made me feel so good!:)







I rubbed the drop and patted it to get it absorbed. Anyone can easily use it because it got absorbed moistly without stickiness. I could definitely feel that my hand became much moister, although it isn’t noticeable in the photo. 


Overall, people who have oily skin would absolutely be satisfied with this non-rich essence. Even for those who are not, I recommend this product during the summer! 






# Pros :

 - Lovely color, classy packaging.

 - Natural and wonderful signature scent

 - Suitable for oily skin for its non-heavy texture.


# Cons :

 - Even though it contains high quality ingredient, it’s still costly.

 - Might be too light for dry skin. Recommend to use it with an oil if you want high moisture.



I was so happy that I could come across this amazing essence to write this review. I think I’m going to use it continuously. Did I please you with this introductory review? We will be back soon with another Huxley item, so please stay tuned! Good-bye!=)










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