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Star4 qty Good

I didn't really notice the product itself removing a lot of black heads, but it does boost the effects of a charcoal peel of mask/nose strip. It is also a nice product to exfoliate the skin with.

Posted on 17-07-20 Recommend
Star3 qty Good Product!

I thought this was a great idea!  I have used it only a couple times, paired with the egg pore nose strips, and I think it has done it's job at the least.  The heating is not intense, but you can feel it getting warm.  My husband used it one time and could feel the heat.  I will use it some more and see if it gets any better! 8/10 would so recommend! :) 

Posted on 17-07-11 Recommend
Star3 qty It's okay!

I wish I could say its eggcelent! However, its just okay, much like any exfoliator. It heats up after application and turns a white color but it doesn't foam. It seems to clear away some sebum as my nose turns shiny after I clean with it. However, if you have visible blackheads it doesn't make too much of difference. It should probably be used as a maintaining and controlling sebum, in my opinion this product is much more effective after pulling/extracting with a nose strip or black head extractor. 


Also the quantity is not the full egg but it doesn't take a lot of product to exfoliate point areas. 







Posted on 17-07-02 Recommend
Star4 qty Good
suj… It does what it says but you have to be constant in the use to see the results. I like it tho..
Posted on 17-05-16 Recommend
Star5 qty great!

used a couple times but still giving it a couple more tries and hopefully i see results soon. smeels great and leave my skin feeling smooth and softc95c4edf21a7df2ea9be0fbca1dfe284_1494687

Posted on 17-05-13 Recommend

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